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Lineage of East Anglian king Ælfwald from the Textus Roffensis, version R of the Anglian Collection.

The Anglian collection is a collection of Anglo-Saxon royal genealogies and regnal lists. These survive in four manuscripts; two of which now reside in the British Library. The remaining two belong to the libraries of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and Rochester Cathedral.

Surviving manuscripts[edit]

The surviving manuscripts are listed below, in what is currently thought to be the chronological order of their composition.[1]

Version Location Manuscript
V British Library Cotton MS. Vespasian B vi. fols. 104–109, the "Genealogy of the Kings of Mercia"
C Corpus Christi College, Cambridge CCCC 183
T British Library Cotton MS. Tiberius B v., vol. 1, fols. 2–73 and 77–88, and Cotton MS. Nero D ii., fols 238–241.
R Rochester, Cathedral Library[2] A.3.5, part of the "Textus Roffensis"

Genealogies and regnal lists[edit]

All the manuscripts include genealogies for the kingdoms of Deira, Bernicia, Mercia, Lindsey, Kent and East Anglia. Three of them (C, T and R) also contain a West Saxon genealogy, and regnal lists for Northumbria and Mercia.[1] The genealogies are presented in reverse order, beginning with a ruler at the time it was composed and naming each successive generation back to [Wodin], and in the case of Lindsey beyond. All manuscripts appear to derive for a common source, now lost.


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