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Royal Australian Air Force corporal wearing the General Purpose Uniform

General Purpose Uniform (GPU) is the working uniform of the Royal Australian Air Force.

GPU is not intended to serve as tactical battledress and, despite the resemblance of its fabric to digital camouflage, includes relatively high-visibility shades of blue. RAAF commanders have therefore received criticism for its lack of versatility, as well as claims that introduction of the new uniform will be cost neutral.[1]

The blue and grey uniform was officially launched in 2014 by Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown to give air force personnel a unique and easily identifiable appearance.

The General Purpose Uniform (GPU) is to replace the Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform, also worn by the Australian Army, for general base duties and in non-warlike environments such as humanitarian tasks and Defence assistance to the civil community.

Existing Air Force DPCU production will be reduced and replaced by production of the GPU. It is planned that all Air Force personnel will be issued with a mix of camouflage uniforms and GPUs by the end of 2015.[2]

The GPU is a Crye Precision Australian Multicam pattern utilising blue and grey colours selected to reflect Air Force colours. The colours can be found in the Royal Australian Air Force's Service Dress uniform, the RAAF Ensign, and from airframes and airfields. The uniform whilst consisting of a disruptive pattern, is not intended to be used as camouflage in warlike operations or environments.[3][4]


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