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General Staff in the Federal Ministry of Defence
Führungsstab des Heeres im Bundesministerium der Verteidigung
Formation sign of the military division
Active November 1957–October 2012
Country  Germany
Allegiance Bundeswehr
Branch Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svg German Army
Type Dept. of Federal Ministry of Defence
& highest command level in German Army
Size 180
Location Hardthöhe, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia

The General Staff of the German Army (German: Führungsstab des Heeres) was a department of the Federal Ministry of Defence and one of the five staff headquarters in the military command of the Bundeswehr. The General Staff was thus at the same time a ministerial division and the highest level of military command within the German Army. It was merged with the other high command authorities of the German Army to form the Army Command (Kommando Heer) in 2012.


The General Staff was commanded by the Inspector of the Army (Inspekteur des Heeres). The Inspector holds the rank of lieutenant general (Generalleutnant), and commanded the General Staff, reporting to the Federal Minister of Defence. The General Inspector of the Bundeswehr and the Defence Staff who work for him are only authorised to issue directives to the General Staff in the fields of development and the realisation of the overall concept for the Bundeswehr. The General Staff comprised about 180 soldiers and civil servants.


The General Staff was the highest level of command in the German Army. The staff ensured the readiness of the Army from a materiel and personnel perspective. In addition the two command pillars of the Army, the Army Forces Command and the Army Office, were subordinate to the General Staff. Furthermore the staff supported the Inspector of the Army and the Federal Minister of Defence in their ministerial duties.

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