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Army Staff in MOD Germany
— XXX —
Führungsstab des Heeres (Fü H) im BMVg
Formation sign of the military division
Active November 1957–October 2012
Country  Germany
Allegiance Bundeswehr
Branch Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svg German Army
Type Dept. of Federal Ministry of Defence
& highest command level in German Army
Size 180
Location Hardthöhe, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia

The Army Staff, in the meaning of the Army general staff, of the German Army (German: Führungsstab des Heeres - Fü H) was a department of the Federal Ministry of Defence and one of the five staff headquarters in the military command of the Bundeswehr. The Army Staff was thus at the same time a ministerial division and the highest level of military command within the German Army. It was merged with the other high command authorities of the German Army to form the Army Command (Kommando Heer) in 2012.

In 2012, there existed in MOD Germany supreme military command authority as follows:

  • Armed Forces Staff (Führungsstab der Streitkräfte – Fü S; General Staff of the Armed Forces)
  • Army Staff (Führungsstab des Heeres – Fü H; Army General Staff)
  • Air Force Staff (Führungsstab der Luftwaffe – Fü L; Air Force General Staff)
  • Navy Staff (Führungsstab der Marine – Fü M)
  • Medical Staff (Führungsstab des Sanitätsdienstes – Fü San; Medical Service Staff)


The Army Staff was commanded by the Inspector of the Army (Inspekteur des Heeres). The Inspector holds the rank of Generalleutnant, and commanded the Army Staff, reporting to the Federal Minister of Defence. The General Inspector of the Bundeswehr and the Armed Forces Staff who work for him are only authorised to issue directives to the Army Staff in the fields of development and the realisation of the overall concept for the Bundeswehr. The Army Staff comprised about 180 soldiers and civil servants.


The Army Staff was the highest level of command in the German Army. The staff ensured the readiness of the Army from a materiel and personnel perspective. In addition the two command pillars of the Army, the Army Forces Command and the Army Office, were subordinate to the Army Staff. Furthermore the staff supported the Inspector of the Army and the Federal Minister of Defence in their ministerial duties.

Deputy Inspector General of the Army[edit]

The Deputy Inspector General of the Amy (in the Army Staff of MOD Germany) appointment was normally assigned to a three star rank, OF8-general (Generalleutnant / lieutenant general) rank.

Rank, name Time in service
Start End
26 Generalleutnant Reinhard Kammerer 11 September 2012 until decommissioning
25 Generalleutnant Bruno Kasdorf 16 September 2010 11 September 2012
24 Generalleutnant Günter Weiler 1 March 2006 16 September 2010
23 Generalleutnant Jürgen Ruwe 1 March 2005 January 2006
22 Generalleutnant Manfred Dietrich 2001 1 March 2005
21 Generalleutnant Gert Gudera 1 October 2000 28 March 2001
20 Generalleutnant Edgar Trost 1997 2000
19 Generalleutnant Winfried Weick 1 April 1994 1997
18 Generalleutnant Hartmut Bagger 1 April 1992 31 March 1994
17 Generalleutnant Harald Schulz 1 April 1988 31 March 1992
16 Generalleutnant Wolfgang Malecha 1 April 1986 31 March 1988
15 Generalleutnant Heinz Kasch 1 April 1983 31 March 1986
14 Generalleutnant Eberhard Burandt 1 October 1979 31 March 1983
13 Generalleutnant Rudolf Reichenberger 1 January 1977 30 September 1979
12 Generalleutnant Rüdiger von Reichert 1 October 1974 15 December 1976
11 Generalleutnant Siegfried Schulz 1 October 1971 30 September 1974
10 Generalleutnant Ernst Ferber January 1970 30 September 1971
09 Generalmajor Hellmut Grashey November 1968 31 December 1969
08 Generalmajor Karl Schnell 1 October 1968 November 1968
07 Generalmajor Hubert Sonneck 8 September 1966 30 September 1968
06 Generalmajor Josef Moll 1 January 1965 24 August 1966
05 Generalmajor Karl-Wilhelm Thilo 1 October 1961 31 December 1964
04 Generalmajor Leo Hepp October 1960 30 September 1961
03 Generalmajor Joachim Schwatlo-Gesterding 1958 September 1960
02 Brigadegeneral Hellmuth Laegeler 1957 1958
01 Brigadegeneral Peter von der Groeben 1957 1957

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