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Genie Chuo
Genie Chuo, 2010 (cropped).jpg
Genie Chuo in 2010.
Born (1986-01-20) 20 January 1986 (age 33)
OccupationSinger, actress
Years active2001–present
Musical career
Also known asGenie Zhuo
Zhuo Wenxuan
Chuo Wen-hsuan
LabelsRock Records

Genie Chuo (Chinese: 卓文萱; pinyin: Zhuó Wénxuān; born 20 January 1986) is a Taiwanese singer and actress.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Chuo won several karaoke competitions when she was a first year in the Taipei County Fuho Junior High School.[2] After a number of lessons and training for singing, she debuted as a singer.

She attended Hua Kang Art School where she briefly dated Alien Huang during her first year. After graduating from high school, she continued recording, and has been active in television series in Taiwan including the 2007 drama, Romantic Princess and 2006 Taiwanese movie, Do Over (一年之初).

In 2010, Chuo sang the theme song for the theatrical drama Summer Snow directed by Golden Horse Awards winner Lee Hsing (李行). The EP was released on 30 July 2010 with proceeds going to the Red Cross.[3]


Studio albums[edit]

Album# English title Original title Released Label
1st 1986 1986 28 December 2001 Rock Records
2nd Be Used To 習慣 27 October 2006 Rock Records
3rd Oxygenie of Happiness 幸福氧氣 26 October 2007 Rock Records
4th My Favorite Kind of Geniie 超級喜歡 7 November 2008 Rock Records
5th Just The Way I Am 反正 卓文萱 4 November 2011 Rock Records
6th Burning Sense of Music 灼樂感 16 October 2014 Rock Records

Compilation albums[edit]

Album# English title Original title Released Label
1st 1 + 1 Play n Fun
(New Song + Collection)
1+1 Play n Fun 珍選集 6 November 2009 Rock Records

Soundtrack contribution[edit]

Year English title (Chinese title) Track listing
2004 Lover of Herb Original Soundtrack
  • 香草戀人 (Lover of Herb)
  • 有星星的夜 (Starry Night)
2005 Holiday Dreaming Original Soundtrack
  • "怎麼知道你愛" (Don't Know You Loved)
2006 Love Queen
(戀愛女王 電影原聲帶)
  • "Super No. 1" - Opening Theme
  • "梁山伯與茱麗葉" (Liang Shan Bo and Juliet) feat Gary Cao - Ending Theme
2008 Rolling Love Original Soundtrack
(翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 電視原聲帶)
  • 永不消失的彩虹" [Never Ending Rainbow] - Ending Theme
  • "LALALA愛情密碼" [La La La Love Code]
  • "愛情魔法衣" [Love's Magic Coat]
  • "瘋了瘋了" [Going Mad]
2010 Summer Snow Theatrical Drama Theme Song EP
(夏雪舞台劇主題曲 EP)
  1. "夏雪" (Summer Snow)
  2. "夏雪MMO" (Summer Snow MMO)


Song and Music video: 2007 Alien Huang & Genie Chuo - "愛的主旋律" [The Melody of Love]
Song and Music video: 2013/2014 Alien Huang & Genie Chuo - "心愛的" [Beloved]



Year English title Original title Role Network Notes
2006 Engagement for Love 愛情經紀約 Zhu Kexin TTV
Love Queen 戀愛女王 Yu Qiaole CTS
2007 Romantic Princess 公主小妹 Gong Moli CTV
Mean Girl Ah Chu 惡女阿楚 Wang Zhier CTS
The Teen Age 18禁不禁 Zhu Yixuan CTV
2008 Rolling Love 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 Guan Xiaoshu CTV
2010 The Love River 藍海一加一 He Zhenai HiHD
2011 Boys and Girls 男女生了沒 Hei Younan CTV
Soldier 勇士們 Xu Yushu TTV
2012 Say That You Love Me 爱情是从告白开始的 Chi Zao Zao


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2002 Forever of Forever 永遠永遠永遠的永夜 Xuan Xuan
2006 Do Over 一年之初 Toll Station Girl
2013 Love Transplantation
2019 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref
2009 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Best New Artists Genie Zhuo Won [4]
2010 Songs of the Year "1 + 1" from 1 + 1 Play n Fun Won [5]
Best Improved Singer (力躍進歌手) Genie Zhuo Won


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