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Geoff Atkinson is a British comedy writer and producer.

He has written and produced various shows featuring Rory Bremner. He is managing director of Vera Productions, an Independent production company he set up with Bremner.

Starting off his career in Punch magazine, he ended up working with the likes of Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. He was one of the main writers on Spitting Image. He has also written for Alistair McGowan and Lenny Henry and Cannon and Ball.

In 1990 he wrote the short lived and highly controversial sitcom Heil Honey I'm Home! for British Satellite Broadcasting scrapped after only one episode was transmitted. It was a parody of 1950s American sitcoms, but featuring Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun as the lead characters.

In 2007 he was executive producer on the documentary Dispatches: Mark Thomas on Coca Cola with Mark Thomas.


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