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Geoffrey A. Tandy
Died1969 (aged 68–69)
Occupationmarine biologist, broadcaster
Known forWork at Bletchley Park

Geoffrey A. Tandy (1900–1969) was a British marine biologist and broadcaster.


Tandy graduated from Oxford University in 1921, and pursued graduate studies at Birkbeck College, in the University of London. He was employed at the Natural History Museum in London from 1926 to 1948, specialising in the biology of algae, after which he worked for the British Foreign Office until 1954. [1]

A friend of T. S. Eliot, Tandy wrote a "Broadcasting Chronicle" for The Criterion,[2] and was the first to broadcast Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats in 1937.[3][4] During the Second World War he worked at Bletchley Park, allegedly invited there after the Ministry of Defence confused the word "cryptogamist" with "cryptogramist".[5][6] At Bletchley his technical expertise allowed him to salvage a waterlogged codebook which helped crack the Enigma code.[5][7]

Genista McIntosh, Baroness McIntosh is Tandy's daughter by his second wife Maire McDermott. He had five children in total.[1]

Tandy's papers are held at the Natural History Museum.[8]


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