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Geographic information retrieval (GIR) or geographical information retrieval is the augmentation of information retrieval with geographic information. GIR aims at solving textual queries that include a geographic dimension, such as "What wars were fought in Greece?" or "restaurants in Beirut".[1] It is common in GIR to separate the text indexing and analysis from the geographic indexing. Semantic similarity and word-sense disambiguation are important components of GIR.[2] To identify place names, GIR often relies on gazetteers.

GIR architecture[edit]

GIR involves extracting and resolving the meaning of locations in unstructured text. This is known as Geoparsing. After identifying location references in text, a GIR system must index this information for search and retrieval. GIR systems can commonly be broken down into the following stages: GeoTagging, text and geographic indexing, data storage, geographic relevance ranking (with respect to a geographic query) and browsing results (commonly with a map interface).

GIR systems[edit]


In 2005 the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum added a geographic track, GeoCLEF. GeoCLEF was the first TREC style evaluation forum for GIR systems and provided participants a chance to compare systems.[4]


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