Geography (album)

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Studio album by Front 242
Released September, 1982
Recorded 1982
Genre EBM, industrial, new wave, synthpop
Length 40:21
Label New Dance
Red Rhino Europe
Wax Trax!
Producer Front 242
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Epic 1992 release cover
Epic 1992 release cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[1]

Geography is the debut album by Front 242, released in 1982.

Track listing[edit]

1."Operating Tracks" (Album Version)3:48
2."With Your Cries" (Album Version)2:45
3."Art & Strategy" (Album Version)2:16
4."Geography II" (Album Version)1:10
5."U-Men" (Album Version)3:15
6."Dialogues" (Album Version)2:06
7."Least Inkling" (Album Version)2:26
8."Gvdt" (Album Version)2:57
9."Geography I" (Album Version)2:14
10."Black White Blue" (Album Version)4:21
11."Kinetics" (Album Version)2:05
12."Kampfbereit" (Album Version)3:21
13."Ethics" (Album Version)2:29
14."Principles" (Album Version)4:43
15."Body To Body" (Album Version)4:13
Total length:44:09


(This double-CD was completely remastered and rebuilt by Daniel Bressanutti. Some tracks differ notably in sound)

CD 1
1."Operating Tracks" 3:53
2."With Your Cries" 2:59
3."Art + Strategy" 2:16
4."Geography II" 1:10
5."U-Men" 3:17
6."Dialogues" 2:06
7."Least Inkling" 2:28
8."GVDT" 2:57
9."Geography I" 2:29
10."Black White Blue" 4:17
11."Kinetics" 2:16
12."Kampfbereit" 3:26
13."He Runs Too Fast For Us"This song lasts 2:02, and after a long hiatus features the songs "Principles", "Body to Body" and "Ethics", although they weren't tracked as such15:30
Total length:49:04
CD2 (Notes are from the booklet)
1."Couteau" (Credited to "Prothese") 
2."Conditionnel Humain" (Credited to "Prothese") 
3."Chanson" (Credited to "Prothese") 
4."Syncussion" (Credited to "Underviewer") 
5."Mood" (Credited to "Underviewer") 
6."Principle" (2Trax) 
7."Body To Body" (2Trax) 
8."Labo" (Credited to "Underviewer") 
9."I Remember" (Credited to "Underviewer") 
10."Trouble" (Credited to "Underviewer") 
11."U-Men" (Instrumental) 
12."Kampfbereit" (Instrumental) 
13."In November" (Live VPRO) 
14."Controversy Between" (Aerial Version) 
15."Sample D." (Aerial Version) 
16."Take One" (Rebuilt) 
17."See The Future - Take One" (Live VPRO) 
18."Kampfbereit" (Live VPRO) 
Total length:0:00


The 1971 science fiction film THX 1138 was sampled in song "Operating Tracks" it uses the lines "We have to go back! This is your last chance.", "1138 What's wrong?" "1138 retract. [BING noise]. 1138 retract, someone's touching TTL integrated logic module. Switching to manual.", "Would you like a salt epidermal?", "1138 What's wrong?", "1138 You're getting Talbot contact", "We're tracked at 2.20, Vector oh seven niner, but we're making contact at point 0 0 3", "Now don't override here, this is critical.", "OK you can start your descent, thats it, slow down just a little bit, you're overriding point seven", "OK, hold it 1138" and many sound effects of the film. The song "GVDT" uses the same "What's wrong" vocal sample and the sound of the car being driven in the film.