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Count Georg Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm zu Münster (German: Georg Graf zu Münster; 17 February 1776 – 23 December 1844) was a German paleontologist.


Münster was born on 17 February 1776,[1] in Langelage near Osnabrück In 1800, he became a Prussian official in the principalities of Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Bayreuth.[citation needed] He formed a famous collection of fossils, which was ultimately secured by the Bavarian state, and formed the nucleus of the palaeontological museum at Munich.[1]

Münster assisted Georg August Goldfuss in writing his great work, Petrefacta Germaniae.[1] Louis Agassiz and Georges Cuvier visited him at Bayreuth, where he donated them part of his collection.[citation needed] He died in Bayreuth on 23 December 1844.[1]

The Graf-Münster-Gymnasium in Bayreuth was named after him.[citation needed]



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