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George Alfred Lefroy

George Alfred Lefroy[1] (August 1854 – 1 January 1919) was an eminent Anglican priest and missionary in India during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Lefroy was born into an eminent Irish family in County Down in August 1854: his father was Jeffrey Lefroy, Dean of Dromore, and his grandfather, Thomas Langlois Lefroy, Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench, Ireland.[2] He was educated at Marlborough and Trinity College, Cambridge and ordained in 1879.[3] He joined the Cambridge Mission to Delhi the same year and eventually became head of the SPG Mission in Delhi.[4] In 1899 he became Bishop of Lahore.[5] Translated to become Bishop of Calcutta in 1912.[6] Lefroy was known for his regular participation in public religious debates and for his lectures among Muslims and Hindus.[7] He also joined fellow missionary C. F. Andrews in opposing western racism towards Indians.[8] He became a Doctor of Divinity (DD) and died in post on 1 January 1919.[9]


  • Lefroy, George Alfred (1884). The leather-workers of Daryaganj . Delhi: Cambridge Mission to Delhi.


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