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Georges Francis Garmo
Archbishop of the Eparchy of Mosul
Archbishop Garmo with Pope John Paul II
SeeArcheparchy of Mosul
In office14 September 1980 – 9 September 1999
PredecessorEmmanuel Daddi
SuccessorPaulos Faraj Rahho
Ordination8 December 1945
Consecrationby Paul II Cheikho
Personal details
Born8 December 1921
Tel Keppe, Iraq
Died9 September 1999 (aged 77)
Previous postPriest

Mar George Garmo (8 December 1921 – 9 September 1999) was the Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul (Mausiliensis Chaldaeorum) in Iraq from 14 September 1980 until his death on 9 September 1999.


He was born Georges Francis Garmo in 1921 in Tel Keppe near Mosul, Iraq to a Chaldean family. He entered the Chaldean Patriarchal Seminary in 1934. In 1939, he went to Rome to further his studies. He was ordained a priest there on his 24th birthday, 8 December 1945. He received a PhD in Divinity and a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome.

Mission in Patriarchate Seminary In Iraq[edit]

During this time there was a scarcity of educated Catholic priests in Iraq. As Rev. Garmo was studying to receive a Ph.D in philosophy, he was requested by the Patriarchate to return to Iraq to minister to the growing Chaldean Patriarchal Seminary, which at the time lacked an extensive Theology and Philosophy department and staff. Rev. Garmo returned to Iraq in the summer of 1947, where he would spearhead the new and improved Philosophy and Theological studies at Chaldean Patriarchal Seminary the following year.

Following his first year as a teacher, in 1949 he was elevated to rector of the Seminary, in which capacity he served until September 1960. During his tenure as Seminary Rector, Garmo was assisted by Patriarch Mar Raphael Bidawid before his elevation to the Patriarchate.

Mission In USA[edit]

Patriarch Mar Paul II Cheikho appointed Garmo as pastor of Mother of God Parish in Southfield, Michigan.[1]

In 1964, while serving as pastor of Mother of God Church, Garmo began fundraising drives, with the help of the Parishioners and Parish council he was able to purchase a 9-acre (36,000 m2) plot of land in Southfield on Telegraph Road. After the completion of the church, he continued fundraising with the members of the Chaldean Iraqi American Association of Michigan (CIAAM) to raise funds to transfer ownership of 3 acres (12,000 m2) of the church's 9-acre (36,000 m2) property to the CIAAM to build a Chaldean social club, which would become Southfield Manor. Mother of God Cathedral still stands on this property today. In 1964, Garmo was transferred back to Baghdad to serve for two years before he returned to Southfield. On 27 September 1966, Garmo was again appointed Pastor of Mother of God Church and Jacob Yasso Associate Pastor.

Under Garmo's supervision as Pastor of Mother of God Church there were many significant milestones for the Parish and the Chaldean community. In July 1972, the community celebrated the groundbreaking of a newly built Mother of God Parish, as well as a social hall that was dedicated by Patriarch March Paul II Cheikho on 15 May 1973. In September 1976, a convent for the Chaldean Sisters was opened on the church's property. Also, while serving as Pastor for Mother of God Church on September 1977, Garmo received Sarhad Yawsip Jammo as an Associate Pastor, who later be named the first bishop of the St. Peter the Apostle Diocese in the U.S.

On 25 April 1979, he began building a new and larger Mother of God Church adjacent to the still standing church which would be converted to the present church's rectory. The new church was completed and dedicated on 13 September 1980 by Patriarch March Paul II Cheiko.

Archbishop of Mosul[edit]

On 14 September 1980, Garmo was consecrated Archbishop of Mosul by the Chaldean Patriarch. He served as Archbishop of Mosul until 9 September 1999, when he died of cancer, aged 78.[2]

Episcopal lineage[edit]

Preceded by
Emmanuel Daddi
Archbishop of Mosul
Succeeded by
Paulos Faraj Rahho

Archbishop George Garmo was co-consecrated by Mar Raphaël I Bidawid and Bishop Abdul-Ahad Sana.[3]

Archbishop George Garmo was the Principal Co-Consecrator of: Archbishop Stéphane Katchou, Bishop Ibrahim Namo Ibrahim, Bishop Youssef Ibrahim Sarraf, and Archbishop Jibrail Kassab.[3]


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