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Lone Pine (etching), 2000.

Printmaker George Raab has gained an international reputation for his wilderness landscape etchings. He has held dozens of solo exhibitions as well as participated in many group shows throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and the Far East. His work is included in more than 100 public, private, and corporate collections, including the Art Gallery of Ontario. Among George's numerous awards is the Grand Prize for Prints at the prestigious American Biennial of Graphic Art.

His intaglio images are made by creating grooves and textures below the surface of zinc or copper plates. The techniques he uses most frequently are etching, aquatinting, photo-etching, and watercolour painting.

"My original landscape etchings are bits and pieces of a familiar landscape. There is a sense of peace and solace within them, of mystery and primal longings. They are a cry for the preservation of those wild lands we need in order to know ourselves, and a celebration of our natural heritage. Printmaking, my chosen medium, is very indirect and elusive. In these intaglio prints there is a sense of the mystery of the wild lands we all need in order to better know ourselves.".[1]


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