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George X
George X official picture
Born Jorge Bribiesca Ayala
(1974-01-23) January 23, 1974 (age 43)
Distrito Federal
Occupation television host
Years active 1995–present

George X (letter "X")[1] (born January 23, 1974) is a Mexican television show host specialized in action sports and Mixed Martial Arts. George X is the Spanish-language announcer of the X Games for ESPN Deportes and play-by-play commentator for the Mixed martial arts promotion company Bellator Fighting Championships.[2] While working for Televisa in 2001, George X gained national notoriety in Mexico as he covered Super Bowl XXXV dressed as an American football player.[3] In 2004 George X hosted the controversial Fear Factor-like series Gana la Verde for Liberman Broadcasting in Los Angeles, where winning contestants were promised legal representation to get a Green Card. In addition, George X hosted 3 seasons of the award winning show Reto Final Nissan for Fox Deportes, where he had to reunite international soccer stars and get them to play a televised rematch.

Family Background[edit]

George X 's real name is Jorge Bribiesca and comes from a family of artists. His father Jorge Bribiesca Castañeda (1920–1997) was an accomplished guitar professor who also played with several Trios and Quartets in the 70's being the most famous Guitarras Mexicanas with Ramon Dona-Dio. He performed in several movies and Television shows alongside actors such as Wolf Ruvinskis and Cuco Sanchez. George X's uncle Salvador Bribiesca was a talented and respected painter and founder of the Instituto de Arte Bribiesca (Bribiesca Arts Institute) in Mexico City. Given his impressive realistic style, he was a sought after artists by celebrities and politicians for personal portraits. His second uncle was legendary composer and guitarist Antonio Bribiesca, famous in Mexico in the 60's and 70's for his unique style of playing traditional Mexican music on the guitar.[4] He starred in several films, radio and television shows including La Hora Max Factor and El show de Paco Malgesto. Some of his accomplishments include winning Golden records and the "Microfono de Oro" awards. He died in 1980 but his music is still enjoyed by millions.[5]

Early life[edit]

George X was born in Mexico City on January 23, 1974. The son of Aurelia Ayala a homemaker and guitar professor Jorge Bribiesca Castañeda. George grew up in the northern district of Mexico City and at the age of 11 relocated to Guadalajara, Jalisco. Shortly after moving, George started training Tae Kwon Do, a Korean Martial art. After 3 years in the sport he earned the black belt 1st dan degree. In High School, George X excelled in graphic design and media. He became a popular cartoon designer and school radio and Television host / producer.

Television career[edit]

Channel 4 Guadalajara[edit]

George X started his television career behind the camera. His first job was at Televisa Guadalajara Channel 4 as a graphic design assistant where he created several show logos, storyboards and promos. In the summer of 1995 he became the host of the kids game show Super Acción. The show was cancelled after 2 years on the air. Later on, George X joined the production team of the edgy action sports and music show Generacion X. The show was produced by film director and Producer Fernando Lebrija Amar a morir.


Between 1998 and 2000 he worked with producers Fernando Lebrija and Miguel Angel Fox as art director for several shows including:

Televisa Deportes[edit]

Between 2000 and 2003 George X worked for Televisa Deportes as a special event correspondent, adventure reporter and segment host.

ESPN and the X Games[edit]

George X interviewing BMX Champion Dave Mirra at X Games 2004.

Since 2004 George X has covered the X Games for ESPN Deportes as on-site reporter and play-by-play commentator and blog writer.[6] Some of the events covered and athletes interviewed by George X are:

Gana la Verde[edit]

In 2004 George X hosted 85 episodes of the controversial reality television series Gana la Verde for KRCA Liberman Broadcasting in Los Angeles, CA. In this Fear Factor style program contestants endured tough physical challenges in order to become eligible for legal representation to get a Green Card. Despite its popularity and high ratings, the show was criticized by immigrant-rights advocates and competitive networks for creating false hope and talking advantage of the contestants' precarious conditions.[7]

Reto Final Nissan[edit]

George X hosted 3 seasons of the soccer-adventure reality series Reto Final Nissan for Fox Deportes. Each season showcased a soccer rivalry between two countries or clubs. In 5 weeks George X traveled across the world tracking down the actual players who participated in some of the rivalry's most memorable games and invited them to play a rematch.[8] In 2007, the show won the Imagen Award for best foreign language program and a Naamic Vision Award.[9]

  • 2006 Season 1 Mexico vs USA (1997 National teams)
  • 2007 Season 2 Mexico vs Argentina (National teams 1994-2006)
  • 2008 Season 3 El Súper Clásico (Mexico) Chivas vs America.

Some of the players interviewed by George X were:

Bellator MMA[edit]

George X is the Spanish-language play-by-play commentator for the Mixed Martial Arts organization Bellator MMA. George X's broadcast partner is former King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion, Manny Rodriguez.

  • 2009 Season 1. (ESPN Deportes)
  • 2010 Season 2. (Telemundo)
  • 2010 Season 3. (Mulitivision)
  • 2011 - 2012. (MTV3 - Mun2)
  • 2013 - Present (Fox Sports Latin America)

Premier Boxing Champions on Spike[edit]

In 2015, SpikeTV announced George X and Manny Rodriguez as the SAP Spanish commentators for Premier Boxing Champions on Spike TV.


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