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Industry Oilfield Services
Founded 1958
Founder Gaston Rebilly
Headquarters Roissy in France, Magdeburg-Germany, Egypt, Dubai, Qatar
Number of employees
3,300 (2009)

Geoservices is an upstream oilfield service company founded in 1958 by Gaston Rebilly. It provides a range of skills that help evaluate hydrocarbon reservoirs and optimize field exploration, development and production.[1] Geoservices provides in 3 business segments: Mud Logging (World N°1), Field Surveillance and Well Intervention (World N°2).

Recent history[edit]

Geoservices is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Charter.[2] The Geoservices is headquartered in Roissy in France since 2009 after spending 30 years at Le Blanc Mesnil (still in France).[3] Geoservices won a European Excellence Award last December 2009 in Vienna for the Best HR Communication Campaign...[4][5][6]

On March 24, 2010, an announcement said that Schlumberger acquired the company for $1.07 billion from Gaston Rebilly and his family...[7][8][9]

Other group's companies[edit]

The Geoservices Group has many separate companies that provide various services in drilling, formation evaluation, slickline conveyance, measurements and diagnostics, remediation of wells. These are:

  • PT. Welltekindo Nusantara
  • Production Wireline & Cased Hole Services Group, LLC
  • Wireline Services & Mfg Srl
  • Petrospec Technologies, Inc.
  • Marjan Geoservices
  • Rawabi Geoservices, Co. Ltd.
  • Copgo Services Srl
  • CAF srl
  • China France Bohai Geoservices Company, Ltd

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