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Gerald Slota
Known forPhotography and photo-based art, installation art, conceptual photo art

Gerald Slota (born 1965) is an American artist and photographer who has been widely exhibited in the United States and internationally. Slota is represented by the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York City[1] and the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles.[2] He is known for a deconstructed style of working with his own or found photographs and drawing, cutting, and transforming the images.

His first book, Gerald Slota: Story[3] with Joyce Carole Oates and Chuck Mobley was selected as one of the New York Times "Top Ten Photo Books of 2012".[4]

Slota's works have been included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art,[5] the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA),[6] the Norton Museum of Art,[7] the George Eastman Museum,[8] and as a billboard[9] with the 2018 Los Angeles Billboard Creative Show[10] and in numerous private collections. He has been commissioned to create original editorial artwork by many national and international publications including the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Aperture, Vice, and Stern.

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Selected solo exhibitions[edit]

AFTER, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York[30]
STORY, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York[31]
STORY, Castell Photography, Asheville, North Carolina[32]
STORY, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA
HOME. SWEET. HOME., Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA[33]
HOME. SWEET. HOME. Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York[34]
URBANIA, Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ
URBANIA, Quality Pictures and Contemporary Art, Portland, OR[35][36]
FOUND,, Hasted/Hunt Gallery, New York[37]
FOUND, Project Space, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY[38]
FOUND, Langhans Galerie, Prague, CZ[39]
FABLE, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
FABLE, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York[1]
GONE, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York
CRACKED, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
SMASHED, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York
ORDINARY MADNESS, Allan P. Kirby Arts Center Gallery, Lawrenceville, NJ
TRUE, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York

Commissioned works[edit]

  • New York Magazine, The Haunting of 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey Artwork by Gerald Slota 2018[40]
  • VICE, Exorcism. Photographs by Gerald Slota and Tim Freccia. The Photo Issue 2013.[41]
  • New Yorker, A Mistake by Awhile Sharma, Photograph by Gerald Slota.[42]
  • New Yorker, The Itch by Atul Gawnde, Photograph by Gerald Slota.[43]
  • New York Times Magazine, The Bipolar Puzzle by Jennifer Egan, Photographs by Gerald Slota.[44]
  • The New York Times, Maybe Just Drunk Enough to Remember by John Eligon, Photograph by Gerald Slota.
  • The New York Times, In a Eulogy, Finding A Person by Sandeep Jauihar, Photograph by Gerald Slota.[45]
  • The New York Times, Is Hysteria Real? by Erika Kinetz, Photograph by Gerald Slota.
  • The New York Times, Nurses Step Up Efforts Against Attacks by David Tuller Photograph by Gerald Slota.[46]
  • New York Magazine, The Mother Smotherer by Sam Anderson Photograph by Gerald Slota.[47]
  • Washington Post. Cracked by Ruben Castaneda, Photograph by Gerald Slota.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Society for Photographic Education Speaker November 2018[48]
  • Mid-Atlantic Grant: New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship – 2001, 2009[citation needed]
  • Polaroid 20 x 24 Studio – Summer 1997
  • MacDowell Colony – Summer 1997


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