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Gerber's Singles

Gerber Singles was a failed product from 1974 by Gerber, a maker of baby food. It was food in glass jars targeted to college students and adults living on their own for the first time.[1] According to Business Insider, Gerber believed that there was a market for single serving, ready to eat foods similar to ready-made baby food. Hoping that college students and other adults would purchase such foods if they were not labeled as "baby food" Gerber developed their "Singles" product. The "fatal flaw" and the reason the product flopped, is that "packages of meat mush didn't exactly scream "cool" to young singles."[2] In January, 2012, an ABC show called Culture Click, called television's first modern-day social studies class, put it on the top ten failed ideas along with New Coke and Bic disposable underwear.

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