Germán Abad Valenzuela

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Germán Abad Valenzuela
German Abad Valenzuela.jpg
Born (1919-08-10)August 10, 1919[1]
Guayaquil, Ecuador[1]
Died October 16, 2008(2008-10-16) (aged 89)[1]
Guayaquil, Ecuador[1]
Nationality Ecuadorian
Occupation Radiologist

Germán Abad Valenzuela (1919–2008) was an Ecuadorian radiologist. He served as the doctor to 20 Ecuadorian presidents including.Mariano Suárez Veintimilla [2]

Abad was born August 10, 1919 in Guayaquil to Juana Valenzuela Garaycoa and mariner Benigno Abad Lara.[3] He attended primary school in Quito and later in Guayaquil.[3] In high school, he was an excellent student and athlete.[3] He attended Guayaquil's Vicente Rocafuerte School and Quito's Cristóbal Colón School, graduating from Vicente Rocafuerte.[3] He graduated from the University of Guayaquil in 1948.[1] While studying, he received important prizes from the Medical School Association (Asociación Escuela Medicina) and the Guayas Philanthropical Society (Sociedad Filantrópica del Guayas).[1][3]

He worked in Luis Vernaza Hospital, León Becerra Hospital, and Alejandro Mann Hospital.[1] He played an important role in the installation of radiological facilities in the Social Security Clinic and Lorenzo Ponce Hospital.[1]

He received awards including the Orden Nacional Al Mérito in the Comendador grade.[1] He was married to Lidia Rodríguez, with whom he had five children.[1]


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