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Although the German version of The Three Investigators starts with The Secret of Terror Castle, it continues through The Mystery of the Cranky Collector, then picks up with the "Crimebusters" series and continues on with German-language originals from there (starting at number '56'). The German-language originals started in 1993 with books by Brigitte Johanna Henkel-Waidhofer. She wrote 16 books for Kosmos. After her era ended, several other authors continued to write in the series at the rate of six books per year (in contrast to the U.S. series, which published one new story every year or so after Robert Arthur's death).

Die Drei ??? (The Three Investigators)[edit]

The bold numbers in square brackets are the chronological order these take place in the German continuity which includes the original series and Crimebusters. Bold titles mean the episode was also translated into English to serve as a school book.

  1. [56] Tatort Zirkus (Crime Scene: Circus) (1993, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  2. [57] Der verrückte Maler (The Insane Painter) (1993, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  3. [58] Giftiges Wasser (Toxic Water) (1993, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  4. [59] Dopingmixer (Runaway Success) (1994, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  5. [60] Die Rache des Tigers (The Revenge of the Tiger) (1994, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  6. [61] Spuk im Hotel (Haunted Hotel) (1994, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  7. [62] Fußball-Gangster (Soccer Gangsters) (1995, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  8. [63] Geisterstadt (Ghost Town) (1995, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  9. [64] Diamantenschmuggel (Diamond Smuggling) (1995, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  10. [65] Die Schattenmänner (The Shadowmen) (1995, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  11. [66] Geheimnis der Särge (The Mystery of the Coffins) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  12. [67] Schatz im Bergsee (The Treasure of the Mountain Lake) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  13. [68] Späte Rache (Late Revenge) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  14. [69] Schüsse aus dem Dunkel (Shots from the Dark) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  15. [70] Die verschwundene Seglerin (The Missing Sailor) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  16. [71] Dreckiger Deal (Dirty Deal) (1996, by B. J. Henkel-Waidhofer)
  17. [72] Die Spur des Raben (The Trail of the Raven) (1997, by André Marx)
  18. [73] Poltergeist (Poltergeist) (1997, by André Marx)
  19. [74] Das brennende Schwert (The Burning Sword) (1997, by André Marx)
  20. [75] Pistenteufel (Slope Devil) (1997, by Ben Nevis)
  21. [76] Stimmen aus dem Nichts (Voices from the Void) (1997, by André Minninger)
  22. [77] Das leere Grab (The Empty Grave) (1997, by André Marx)
  23. [78] Verdeckte Fouls (Hidden Fouls) (1998, by Ben Nevis)
  24. [79] Im Bann des Voodoo (Voodoo Spell) (1998, by André Minninger)
  25. [80] Geheimsache UFO (Secret Matter: UFO) (1998, by André Marx)
  26. [81] Meuterei auf hoher See (Mutiny at Sea) (1998, by André Marx)
  27. [82] Musik des Teufels (The Devils Music) (1998, by André Marx)
  28. [83] Die Karten des Bösen (The Hand of Evil) (1998, by André Minninger)
  29. [84] Wolfsgesicht (Wolf Face) (1999, by Katharina Fischer)
  30. [85] Nacht in Angst (Night of Fear) (1999, by André Marx)
  31. [86] Feuerturm (Tower of Fire) (1999, by Ben Nevis)
  32. [87] Tödliche Spur (Deadly Trail) (1999, by André Marx)
  33. [88] Vampir im Internet (Vampire on the Internet) (1999, by André Minninger)
  34. [113] Der Feuerteufel (Firebug) (1999, by André Marx as paperback special; released as hardback in 2004)
  35. [89] Das Geisterschiff (The Ghost Ship/The Haunted Ship) (2000, by André Marx)
  36. [90] Todesflug (Flight of Death) (2000, by Ben Nevis)
  37. [91] Labyrinth der Götter (Labyrinth of the Gods) (2000, by André Marx)
  38. [92] Der rote Rächer (The Red Avenger) (2000, by Katharina Fischer)
  39. [93] Das schwarze Monster (The Black Monster) (2000, by André Marx)
  40. [94] Botschaft von Geisterhand (Message from a Ghost) (2000, by André Marx)
  41. [95] Insektenstachel (Stinger) (2001, by André Minninger)
  42. [96] Rufmord (Slander) (2001, by André Minninger)
  43. [97] Tal des Schreckens (Valley of Terror/Valley of Horror) (2001, by Ben Nevis)
  44. [98] Doppelte Täuschung (Double Deception) (2001, by André Marx)
  45. [99] Hexenhandy (Witch Cell Phone/The Curse of the Cell Phone) (2001, by André Minninger)
  46. [100] Toteninsel (Island of Death) (2001, by André Marx)
  47. [101] Erbe des Meisterdiebs (The Legacy of the Master-Thief/Mysterious Testament) (2002, by André Marx)
  48. [102] Gift per E-Mail (Poison By E-mail/Poisoned E-Mail) (2002, by Ben Nevis)
  49. [103] Der Nebelberg (The Mountain of Mist) (2002, by André Marx)
  50. [104] Der Mann ohne Kopf (The Headless DJ) (2002, by André Minninger)
  51. [105] Der Schatz der Mönche (The Treasure of the Monks) (2002, by Ben Nevis)
  52. [106] Die sieben Tore (The Seven Gates) (2002, by André Marx)
  53. [107] Gefährliches Quiz (Dangerous Quiz/Dangerous Quiz Show) (2003, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  54. [108] Panik im Park (Panic in the Park) (2003, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  55. [109] Die Höhle des Grauens (The Cave of Horror) (2003, by Ben Nevis)
  56. [110] Das Auge des Drachen (The Eye of the Dragon) (2003, by André Marx)
  57. [111] Schlucht der Dämonen (The Canyon of Demons) (2003, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  58. [112] Die Villa der Toten (The Mansion of the Dead) (2003, by André Marx)
  59. [114] Der finstere Rivale (The Sinister Rival) (2004, by André Marx)
  60. [115] Codename: Cobra (Codename: Cobra) (2004, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  61. [116] Auf tödlichem Kurs (On A Deadly Course) (2004, by Ben Nevis)
  62. [117] Der schwarze Skorpion (The Black Scorpion) (2004, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  63. [118] Das düstere Vermächtnis (The Grim Legacy) (2004, by Ben Nevis)
  64. [119] Der geheime Schlüssel (The Secret Key) (2004, by André Marx)
  65. [120] Spur ins Nichts (Nowhere To Go/Evil Games) (2005, by André Marx)
  66. [121] Der Geisterzug (The Ghost Train/The Mystery of the Ghost Train) (2005, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  67. [122] Fussballfieber (Soccer Mania) (2005, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  68. [123] Schrecken aus dem Moor (Terror from the Swamp) (2005, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  69. [124] Geister-Canyon (Ghost Canyon) (2005, by Ben Nevis)
  70. [125] Feuermond (Moon of Fire) (2005, by André Marx)
  71. [126] SMS aus dem Grab (Text Message from the Grave/The Pharaoh's Message) (2006, by Ben Nevis)
  72. [127] Schwarze Madonna (Black Madonna) (2006, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  73. [128] Schatten über Hollywood (Shadow Over Hollywood/Hollywood Horrors) (2006, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  74. [129] Spuk im Netz (Web Phantom) (2006, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  75. [130] Der Fluch des Drachen (The Curse of the Dragon) (2006, by André Marx)
  76. [131] Haus des Schreckens (House of Terror) (2006, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  77. [132] Fluch des Piraten (The Pirate's Curse) (2007, by Ben Nevis)
  78. [133] Fels der Dämonen (Rock of the Demons) (2007, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  79. [134] Der tote Mönch (The Dead Monk) (2007, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  80. [135] Die geheime Treppe (The Hidden Stair) (2007, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  81. [136] Das versunkene Dorf (The Sunken Village/Ghost Village) (2007, by André Marx)
  82. [137] Pfad der Angst (Path of Fear) (2007, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  83. [138] Fußball-Falle (Soccer Case/Soccer Trap) (2008, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  84. [139] Das Geheimnis der Diva (The Secret of the Diva) (2008, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  85. [140] Stadt der Vampire (Vampire City) (2008, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  86. [141] Zwillinge der Finsternis (Twins of Doom) (2008, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  87. [142] Tödliches Eis (Deadly Ice/Arctic Adventure) (2008, by Kari Erlhoff)
  88. [143] Die Poker-Hölle (The Gambling Joint) (2008, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  89. [144] Grusel auf Campbell Castle (Horror at Castle Campbell) (2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  90. [145] Die Rache der Samurai (The Revenge of the Samurai) (2009, by Ben Nevis)
  91. [146] Der Biss der Bestie (The Bite of the Beast) (2009, by Kari Erlhoff)
  92. [147] Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) (2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  93. [148] Die feurige Flut (The Fiery Flood) (2009, by Kari Erlhoff)
  94. [149] Der namenlose Gegner (The Nameless Foe) (2009, by Kari Erlhoff)
  95. [150] Geisterbucht (Ghost Bay) (2010, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  96. [151] Das Fussballphantom (The Soccer Phantom)(2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  97. [152] Skateboardfieber (Skateboard Fever) (2010, by Ben Nevis)
  98. [153] Botschaft aus der Unterwelt (Message from Underworld) (2010, by Kari Erlhoff)
  99. [154] Der Meister des Todes (The Master of Death) (2010, by Kari Erlhoff)
  100. [155] Im Netz des Drachen (In the Net of the Dragon) (2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  101. [156] Im Zeichen der Schlangen (In the Sign of the Snakes) (2011, by Hendrik Buchna)
  102. [157] Nacht der Tiger (Night of the Tigers) (2011, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  103. [158] Der Feuergeist (The Fire Ghost) (2011, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  104. [159] Der schreiende Nebel (The Screaming Fog) (2011, by Hendrik Buchna)
  105. [160] Geheimnisvolle Botschaften (Mysterious Messages) (2011, by Christoph Dittert)
  106. [161] Die blutenden Bilder (The Bleeding Pictures) (2011, by Kari Erlhoff)
  107. [162] Fußball-Teufel (Soccer Devil) (2012, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  108. [163] Der verschollene Pilot (The Missing Pilot) (2012, by Ben Nevis)
  109. [164] Im Schatten des Giganten (In the Shadow of the Giant) (2012, by Kari Erlhoff)
  110. [165] GPS-Gangster (GPS Gangster) (2012, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  111. [166] Das blaue Biest (The Blue Beast) (2012, by Hendrik Buchna)
  112. [167] Die brennende Stadt (The Burning City) (2012, by Christoph Dittert)
  113. [168] Das Phantom aus dem Meer (The Phantom from the Sea) (2013, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  114. [169] Straße des Grauens (Street of Horror) (2013, by Kari Erlhoff)
  115. [170] Die Spur des Spielers (The Player's Lead) (2013, by Andre Marx)
  116. [171] Das Tuch der Toten (The Cloth of the Dead) (2013, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  117. [172] Der Eisenmann (The Ironman) (2013, by Ben Nevis)
  118. [173] Dämon der Rache (Demon of Revenge) (2013, by Hendrik Buchna)
  119. [174] Der gestohlene Sieg (The Stolen Victory) (2014, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  120. [175] Schattenwelt (Shadow World) (2014, by Christoph Dittert, Kari Erlhoff and Hendrik Buchna - each contributing one part of the story)
  121. [176] Der Geist des Goldgräbers (The Ghost of the Gold Digger) (2014, by Andre Marx)
  122. [177] Der gefiederte Schrecken (The Feathered Horror) (2014, by Christoph Dittert)
  123. [178] Der Rache des Untoten (The Revenge of the Undead) (2014, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  124. [179] Die flüsternden Puppen (The Whispering Dolls) (2015, by Andre Minninger)
  125. [180] Im Haus des Henkers (In the Hangman's House) (2015, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  126. [181] Das Kabinett des Zauberers (The Magician's Cabinet) (2015, by Andre Marx)
  127. [182] Der letzte Song (The Last Song) (2015, by Ben Nevis)
  128. [183] Der Hexengarten (The Witch’s Garden) (2015, by Kari Erlhoff)


  1. Die Geisterlampe (The Spirit Lamp) (2011, Kari Erlhoff, Marco Sonnleitner and Hendrik Buchna each contribute 4 short shories)
  2. Top Secret Edition (2011, Peter Lerangis and G.H. Stone each contribute one previously unpublished Crimebusters story, and Megan & H.W. Stine contribute the Find Your Fate Mystery House Of Horrors. These stories are all printed in German and are listed under the American series)
  3. Der dreiTag (The Three-Day) (2011, Hendrik Buchna, Tim Wenderoth and Ivar Leon Menger each contribute one part of the story)
  4. Das Rätsel der Sieben (The Mystery of the Seven) (2012, Hendrik Buchna, Christoph Dittert, Kari Erlhoff, André Marx, André Minninger, Ben Nevis and Marco Sonnleitner each contribute a short story)
  5. Der 5. Advent (The 5th Advent Sunday) (2013, by André Minninger - featuring 24 color illustrations by regular cover artist Silvia Christoph)
  6. Der Zeitgeist (The Spirit of the Times) (2014, Marco Sonnleitner, Hendrik Buchna, André Marx, André Minninger, Ben Nevis and Christoph Dittert each contribute a short story)
  7. Sinfonie der Angst (Symphony of Fear) (2014, by Kari Erlhoff and Kai Schwind - 50th Anniversary special)
  8. Top Secret Edition 2 (2014, 'Shoot The Works - Im Visier' by William MacCay (Crimebusters story previously unpublished in Germany), ‘Savage Statue - Grausame Göttin’ by M.V. Carey (Find Your Fate Mystery previously unpublished in Germany), and 'Das versunkene Schiff' (The Sunken Ship) by Andre Marx taken from an unpublished manuscript of his from the 1990s)
  9. Stille Nacht, düstere Nacht (Silent Night, Holy Night) (2015, by Hendrik Buchna - Christmas Special)
  10. Der dreiäugige Totenkopf (The Three-eyed Skull) (2015, by Ivar Leon Menger und John Beckmann - graphic novel)

[1] [2]

Dein Fall! (2012-)[edit]

Translates as 'Your Case!', these are Choose Your Own Adventure–style interactive books.

  1. Tödlicher Dreh (Fatal Shooting) (2012, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  2. Hotel der Diebe (Hotel of Thieves) (2013, by Christoph Dittert)
  3. Die weiße Anakonda (The White Anaconda) (2014, by Michael Kühlen)
  4. Höllenfahrt (Decent Into Hell) (2015, by Christoph Dittert)

MIDI Format books (2013)[edit]

In 2013, Kosmos published a new set of smaller sized books. These perfect-bound paperbacks are written by Christoph Dittert and are 144 pages long, with dimensions 14.4 x 10 cm.

  1. Das Grab der Inka-Mumie (The Tomb of the Inca Mummy)
  2. Der Tornadojäger (The Tornado Chaser)
  3. Das kalte Auge (The Cold Eye)

German American-English Series (2005-2011)[edit]

In 2005, the German publisher Kosmos started a new series of stories in English, translated from the original German titles. The Three Investigators have their German names in these books, and they are not referred to as "The Three Investigators," but as "Die Drei ???" (literally, "The Three Question Marks"). (Original German titles in italics)

  1. The Curse of the Cell Phone (Hexenhandy) (2001 / 2005, by André Minninger)
  2. Poisoned E-mail (Gift per E-Mail) (2002 / 2005, by Ben Nevis)
  3. Soccer Mania (Fussballfieber) (2005 / 2006, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  4. The Haunted Ship (Das Geisterschiff) (2000 / 2006, by André Marx)
  5. Valley of Horror (Tal des Schreckens) (2001 / 2007, by Ben Nevis)
  6. The Mystery of the Ghost Train (Der Geisterzug) (2005 / 2007, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  7. Hidden Fouls (Verdeckte Fouls) (1998 / 2008, by Ben Nevis)
  8. The Pirate's Curse (Fluch des Piraten) (2007 / 2008, by Ben Nevis)
  9. Web Phantom (Spuk im Netz) (2006 / 2009, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  10. The Pharaoh's Message (SMS aus dem Grab) (2006 / 2009, by Ben Nevis)
  11. Soccer Trap (Fußball-Falle) (2008 / 2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  12. Ghost Village (Das versunkene Dorf) (2007 / 2010, by André Marx)
  13. Hollywood Horrors (Schatten über Hollywood) (2006 / 2011, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  14. Evil Games (Spur ins Nichts) (2005 / 2011, by André Marx)


German American-English Pons Die Drei ??? Series (2009-2011)[edit]

These American-English translations include an abridged version of the original story both in German and English, plus a vocabulary part and grammar exercises. Accompanying the books are CDs containing narrated audio versions of the English texts. These books refer to the protagonists as "The Three Investigators," not "Die Drei ???" as in the American-English editions.

  1. Arctic Adventure (Tödliches Eis) (2008 / 2009, by Kari Erlhoff)
  2. Mysterious Testament (Das Erbe des Meisterdiebs) (2002 / 2009, by André Marx)
  3. Vampire City (Stadt der Vampire) (2008 / 2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  4. Dangerous Quiz Show (Gefährliches Quiz) (2003 / 2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  5. Black Madonna (Schwarze Madonna) (2006 / 2009, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  6. Soccer Gangsters (Fußball-Gangster) (1995 / 2009, by Brigitte-Johanna Henkel-Waidhofer)
  7. Canyon of Demons (Schlucht der Dämonen) (2003 / 2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  8. Bite of the Beast (Der Biss der Bestie) (2009 / 2010, by Kari Erlhoff)
  9. Master of Death (Der Meister des Todes) (2010 / 2011, by Kari Erlhoff)


German The Three Investigators Kids Series (since 1999)[edit]

In this series, the Three Investigators are 10 years old, thus making it a kind of prequel to the original series. Their headquarters is a water tank close to Rocky Beach nicknamed "Coffee Pot", which was once used to fill up locomotives. Joining the recurring cast are Mr. Porter, Rocky Beach's general dealer, Harbor Master Ernesto Porto, and Giovanni, who runs an ice cream parlor. Another difference to the original series is that Bud Norris, Skinner's father, operates a shady bar in the city center.

  1. Panik im Paradies (Panic in Paradise) (1999, by Ulf Blanck)
  2. Radio Rocky Beach (Radio Rocky Beach) (1999, by Ulf Blanck)
  3. Invasion der Fliegen (Invasion of the Flies) (1999, by Ulf Blanck)
  4. Chaos vor der Kamera (Chaos on the Camera) (2000, by Ulf Blanck)
  5. Flucht in die Zukunft (Escape to the Future) (2000, by Ulf Blanck)
  6. Gefahr im Gruselgarten (Danger in the Spooky Garden) (2000, by Ulf Blanck)
  7. Gruft der Piraten (Crypt of the Pirates) (2000, by Ulf Blanck)
  8. Nacht unter Wölfen (Night between Wolves) (2001, by Ulf Blanck)
  9. S.O.S. über den Wolken (S.O.S. above the Clouds) (2001, by Ulf Blanck)
  10. Spuk in Rocky Beach (Spook in Rocky Beach) (2001, by Ulf Blanck)
  11. Fluch des Goldes (Curse of the Gold) (2001, by Ulf Blanck)
  12. Internetpiraten (Pirates of the Internet) (2002, by Ulf Blanck)
  13. Im Reich der Rätsel (In the Empire of Riddles) (2002, by Ulf Blanck)
  14. Gefahr aus dem All (Danger from Outer Space) (2002, by Ulf Blanck)
  15. In der Geisterstadt (In the Ghost Town) (2003, by Ulf Blanck)
  16. Der magische Brunnen (The Magic Well) (2003, by Ulf Blanck)
  17. Rettet Atlantis! (Save Atlantis!) (2003, by Ulf Blanck)
  18. Mission Maulwurf (Mission Mole) (2004, by Ulf Blanck)
  19. Spur in die Wildnis (Trail into the Wilderness) (2004, by Ulf Blanck)
  20. Die Schmugglerinsel (The Island of the Smugglers) (2004, by Ulf Blanck)
  21. Die Geisterjäger (The Ghost Hunters) (2004, by Ulf Blanck)
  22. Einarmige Banditen (One-armed Bandits) (2005, by Ulf Blanck)
  23. Feuer in Rocky Beach (Fire in Rocky Beach) (2005, by Ulf Blanck)
  24. Im Banne des Zauberers (In the Ban of the Magician) (2005, by Ulf Blanck)
  25. In letzter Sekunde (In the Last Second) (2005, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  26. Fußball-Alarm (Soccer-Alert) (2006, by Ulf Blanck)
  27. Die Schokofalle (The Chocolate Trap) (2006, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  28. Diamantenjagd (Diamond Hunt) (2006, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  29. Monsterpilze (Monster Mushrooms) (2006, by Ulf Blanck)
  30. Im Geisterschiff (In the Ghost Ship) (2007, by Ulf Blanck)
  31. Rückkehr der Saurier (Return of the Dinosaurs) (2007, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  32. Die Gruselfalle (The Spooky Trap) (2007, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  33. Nacht im Kerker (Night in the Dungeon) (2007, by Ulf Blanck)
  34. Falsches Gold (False Gold) (2008, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  35. Im Wilden Westen (In the Wild West) (2008, by Ulf Blanck)
  36. Mission Mars (Mission Mars) (2008, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  37. Der Fluch der Indianer (The Curse of the Indians) (2008, by Ben Nevis)
  38. Stunde der Wahrheit (Hour of Truth) (2009, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  39. Der verrückte Professor (The Nutty Professor) (2009, by Ulf Blanck)
  40. Brennendes Eis (Burning Ice) (2009, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  41. Insel der Haie (Island of the Sharks) (2009, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  42. Fußballgötter (Soccer Gods) (2010, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  43. Duell der Ritter (Duel of the Knights) (2010, by Ulf Blanck)
  44. Monster in Rocky Beach (Monster in Rocky Beach) (2010, by Ben Nevis)
  45. Ein Fall für Superhelden (A Case for Superheroes) (2010, by Ulf Blanck)
  46. Jagd auf das Dino-Ei (Hunting for the Dinosaur Egg) (2011, by Ulf Blanck)
  47. Falsche Fußball-Freunde (Fake Soccer Friends) (2011, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  48. Tanz der Skelette (Dance of the Skeletons) (2011, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  49. Der singende Geist (The Singing Ghost) (2011, by Ulf Blanck and Boris Pfeiffer)
  50. Schatz der Piraten(The Pirate's Treasure) (2012, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  51. Tatort Kletterpark (Crime Scene National Park) (2012, by Ulf Blanck)
  52. Mächtige Magier (Powerful Magicians) (2012, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  53. Geheimnis der Tiere (Secret of the Animals) (2012, by Ulf Blanck)
  54. Zombie-Alarm (Zombie Alert) (2013, by Ben Nevis)
  55. Der schwarze Joker (The Black Joker) (2013, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  56. Das Rätsel der Könige (The Mystery of the Kings) (2013, by Ulf Blanck)
  57. Der Weihnachtsdieb (The Christmas Thief) (2013, by Boris Pfeiffer and Ulf Blanck)
  58. Spur des Drachen (Trail of the Dragon) (2014, by Ulf Blanck)
  59. Fußballhelden (Soccer Heroes) (2014, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  60. Gespensterjagd (Ghost Hunting) (2014, by Ulf Blanck)
  61. Alarm im Dino-Park (Alarm in the Dinosaur Park) (2014, by Boris Pfeiffer)
  62. Gefahr im Dschungel (Danger in the Jungle) (2015, by Ulf Blanck)
  63. Monster-Wolken (Monster Clouds) (2015, by Boris Pfeiffer)


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