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Gerty Agoston is a Hungarian-American playwright and novelist.

Personal life[edit]

Agoston was born in Budapest, Hungary and wanted to come to the United States after seeing American films when she was 6 years old. After studying in Paris, she came to New York City with her sister who had married a United States citizen. Once there, she wrote for the publication New Yorker Staats-Zeitung for 26 years and was a film correspondent for Basler Zeitung. For 3 years, Agoston was the cultural correspondent of Deutsche Presse-Agentur. She later decided to quit her journalism career to write novels and plays.[1]

Professional career[edit]

Agoston has written 13 novels which have been translated into multiple languages and her novel My Bed Is Not For Sleeping was banned in Australia.[1][2] Other novels include I Married a Hundred Husbands and My Husband Is a Magnificent Whore.[1][3] Her one-act play For Each Man Kills was published in the anthology The Best One-Act Plays Of 1948-1949 and her one-act play Three Parsons was published in The Best One-Act Plays Of 1950-1951.[4][5] She has translated German plays into English as well as American plays into German.[1][6]

She was one of the subjects of Deeper Than Y, a 2006 documentary about aging and the elderly.[3]


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