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According to the Table of Nations in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, Gether (Hebrew: גֶּ֫תֶרḠeṯer; Aather in Arabic) was the third son of Aram, son of Shem. He appears only twice in the Hebrew Bible, and both times is only mentioned in passing in genealogical lists. In the Table of Nations (Genesis 10:23), he is identified as a son of Aram, while in 1 Chronicles 1:17, he is listed among the sons of Shem.

In Arabic traditions, he is sometimes considered the father of Thamud, whose brother the Qur'an calls Salih.[1]

According to the first-century Jewish historian Josephus, he is ancestor of the Bactrians.[2] Jerome (c. 390) considers Gether the ancestor of the Acarnanians.[3] Isidore of Seville (c. 635) makes him ancestor of the Acarnanians or Curians.[4]


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