Ghanteswara Siva Temple

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Ghanteswara Siva Temple
Ghanteswara Siva Temple is located in Odisha
Ghanteswara Siva Temple
Location in Orissa
Coordinates 20°15′53″N 85°51′40″E / 20.26472°N 85.86111°E / 20.26472; 85.86111Coordinates: 20°15′53″N 85°51′40″E / 20.26472°N 85.86111°E / 20.26472; 85.86111
Country India
State Orissa
Locale Bhubaneswar
Elevation 17 m (56 ft)
Sanctum Siva lingam
Architectural styles kalingan
Kalinga Architecture

Ghanteswara Siva Temple is located in the Kapileswara precinct. The enshrined deity is a Siva-lingam over a square yonipitha made of laterite. The temple has a vimana in pidha order. It is triratha on plan. The temple is facing towards west. The total height of the temple is 2.83 m. (bada 1.13 m, gandi 1.00 m and mastaka 0.70 m). The gandi has three tiers. The doorjambs measure 0.82 m in height x 0.41 m in width. The cella measure 0.90 square m, whereas the temple measure 1.53 square m. There is an inscription in the lalatabimba. The temple is surrounded by Bhoga-mandapa of Kapileswara temple in north. At a distance of 15.50 m, Rosasala pathway in east, Dutiya Kapileswara temple in the west at a distance of 8.40 m and Gupteswar temple in south at a distance on 6.45 m.

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