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Punjabi dialects

Ghebī is a dialect of Hindko spoken in Punjab, Pakistan. In the early 20th century Grierson assigned it to his "North-Eastern Lahnda" group, whereas Shackle writing in 1980 placed it within Hindko "proper" alongside Chacchī and Avāṅkārī.[1]

Its name is derived from the Gheba tribe, which lives in Ilaqa Gheb (spread over the aera of Fatehjang and Pindi Gheb) of Attock District of Pakistani Punjab).[citation needed]

Ghebi is mainly spoken in Pindi Gheb and Fateh Jang Tehsils of Attock District and adjacent areas of Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa i.e. parts of Mianwali District and Chakwal District.


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