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Ghosha (Sanskrit: घोषा) was an ancient Indian female philosopher. She was the granddaughter of Dīrghatamas and daughter of Kakshivat, both of whom composed hymns in praise of Ashvin Kumaras (the divine physician twins).[1]

Two suktas (hymns) of the tenth Mandala (book) of Rigveda, 39 and 40, each containing 14 verses, have been attributed to Ghosha.[1] The first hymn praises the Ashvins. The second hymn is a personal wish expressing her intimate feelings and desires for married life.

According to a hymn, Ghosha suffered from leprosy, which disfigured her.[2] When she had grown old, the Ashvin Kumaras cured her disease, and gave her health, youth and beauty. Subsequently, she was able to marry.[3]


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