Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari

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Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari

Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari (baptised 2 April 1763 – 2 December 1842)[1] was born in Rovereto in the Italian Alps, and was an Italian composer and singing teacher who spent most of his career in France and England. Four of his operas, I due svizzeri, II Rinaldo d'Asti, L'eroina di Raab, and Lo sbaglio fortunato premiered in the King's Theatre, London. He also composed two ballets, a Mass, and numerous piano sonatas.

Principal works[edit]


  • I due Svizzeri (opera buffa in one act, premiered King's Theatre, London, 14 May 1799)
  • II Rinaldo d'Asti (opera buffa in two acts, premiered King's Theatre, London, 16 March 1802)
  • L'eroina di Raab (opera seria in two acts, premiered King's Theatre, London, 8 April 1813)
  • Lo sbaglio fortunato (opera buffa in one act, premiered King's Theatre, London 8 May 1817)


  • Borea e Zeffiro (premiered King's Theatre, London, 1805)
  • La dama di spirito a Napoli (premiered King's Theatre, London, 1809)


  • Breve tratto di canto italiano, also published in English translation as Concise Treatise on Italian Singing (1818)
  • Studio di musica teorica pratica (1830)
  • Anedotti piacevoli e interessanti occorsi nella vita Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari, da Rovereto (1830).



  1. ^ Di Marco (1996) and Slonimsky and Kuhn (2001) give only the date of baptism. A memorial plaque in Rovereto, Ferrari's birthplace, gives his year of birth as 1763 (see Lapide Storiche Rovereto, Gotifredo Ferrari). Two older sources, Gehring (1900) p. 513 and Saint-Foix (1939) p. 455, give the unlikely year of birth as 1759.


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