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Gian Paolo Dulbecco is an Italian painter.


Born in La Spezia (Italy) in 1941, he begins as self-taught painter at the end of the 50s, devoting himself also to the engraving techniques, especially to the drypoint.
In 1966 he graduates at the Polytechnic University of Milan and settles in Rome in the last years of the 60s. In 1971 he comes back to Milan, taking part in many important art exhibitions.
In 1982-83 he creates a set of paintings on the Via Crucis theme, now placed in the S.Gemma Church in Monza; at the same time he presents some paintings in various sacred-art exhibitions. In 1984 he wins a prize from the Cartier's Collection in Milan. In 1992 he is among the winners in a national competition organized by the Italian revue Arte.
In 1992-93 he revisits the Tarots theme, that he had already developed in the previous years: a special set of these 22 paintings, devoted to the tobacco's subject and history, is included by the French art critic Pierre Restany in the show Art et Tabac, which is presented in various European countries.
A period of various exhibitions in Europe and Japan follows. In July 2002 the Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Affairs supports a significant anthological exhibition in Ravello, with his paintings from 1990 to 2002.


He develops his own language modulated on arrangements of colour and light in a search for formal value, often expressed on canvasses of small dimensions.

Combined with the pursuit of creative refinement, his painting is characterized by a marked state of disorientation as a metaphor for the universal interrogative. The result is a universe of magic realism, organized without purpose, in a suspended atmosphere and frozen in time.



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