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Gibbs Humdinga
Manufacturer Gibbs Sports Amphibians

The Gibbs Humdinga is a high speed amphibious vehicle concept designed by Gibbs Technologies. It was publicly announced in February 2012 and was created specifically to access remote and hostile terrain. It uses the same High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology as the Gibbs Aquada. It has yet to be sold to the public.

The Humdinga transforms from land to water mode when the driver pushes a button. The wheels retract and the power train disconnects from driving the wheels to driving only the jet propulsion system.

On water the Humdinga can reach the 'plane' in less than 10 seconds. It has a curb weight of 2,750 kg (6,063 lb). The vehicle is 6,685 mm (263.2 in) in length, 2,380 mm (93.7 in) in height and 2,092 mm (82.4 in) in width.

This amphibious truck boat (which Gibbs' calls an Amphitruck) is constantly in four wheel drive, and can travel at typical highway speeds on land. Once on water the jet propulsion system allows the vehicle to reach over 30 miles per hour (48 km/h). The vehicle can seat six occupants, along with supplies and baggage. The vehicle is run by a powerful 300 bhp (220 kW) engine. It took 15 years and over a million man hours to develop the amphibious technology used, according to Alan Gibbs, co-founder.

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