Gilbert of Hastings

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Gilbert de Hastings
Bishop of Lisbon
ChurchRoman Catholic
SeeDiocese of Lisbon
In office1147–1166
Personal details
Died27 April 1166
Lisbon, Portugal

Gilbert of Hastings (Portuguese: Gilberto de Hastings; died 1166) was an English monk in the Christian army of the Second Crusade who fought in the siege of Lisbon. After the victory, he was chosen to be the first Bishop of Lisbon.[1] Prior to his incumbency, the see of Lisbon had been vacant since the Muslim invasion in 716.

His antecedents are unclear, but it seems probable that he was a younger son of the well-known Anglo-Norman de Hastings family who held the Lordship of the Manor of Ashill in Norfolk, and who, at this time, were Hereditary Stewards of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds.[2]


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