Prince Giorgi Mikhailovitch Shervashidze

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Prince of Abkhazia
Girogi Shervashidze's stamp.jpg
In 1996, the Abkhazian post issued a commemorative stamp for Prince Giorgi.
Reign 1866–1918
Predecessor Mikhail
Successor Alexander
Born 1846
Died 1918 (aged 71-72)
Full name
Giorgi Shervashidze/Chachba
House Shervashidze/Chachba
Father Prince Mikhail Shervashidze
Mother Princess Alexandra Dadiani

Prince Giorgi Mikhailovitch Shervashidze, titular Prince of Abkhazia (b. 1846, d. 1918) was the son of Mikhail, Prince of Abkhazia. He was educated at the Page Corps, Saint Petersburg. Aide-de-camp to Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich of Russia 1866.

Proclaimed as Prince of Abkhazia at Sukhumi, by the people after an uprising against the Russians, 29 July 1866. Arrested and deported to Orenburg.

He was granted the right to return to Abkhazia in 1905. He lived the rest of his life in Kutaisi.



Prince Giorgi Mikhailovitch Shervashidze
House of Shervashidze/Chachba
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Prince of Abkhazia
Reason for succession failure:
Principality incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1866
Succeeded by