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Giovanni Antonio Galignani (1757–1821) was an Italian newspaper publisher born at Brescia.

After living some time in London, he went to Paris, where he started in 1800 an English library, and in 1808 a monthly publication, the Repertory of English Literature. In 1814 he began to publish, in Paris, Galignani's Messenger, a daily paper printed in English.

At his death in 1821 the paper was carried on by his two sons, John Anthony (1796–1873) and William (1798–1882). Under their management it enjoyed a high reputation. Its policy was to promote good feeling between England and France. The brothers established and endowed hospitals at Corbeil and at Neuilly-sur-Seine. In recognition of their generosity the city of Corbeil erected a monument in their honour.

In 1884 the Galignani family disposed of their interest in Galignani's Messenger, and from that date until 1904, when it was discontinued, the paper appeared under the title of the Daily Messenger.

Galignani's Messenger is referred to in Turgenev's novel Fathers and Sons.

There are also references to 'Galignani's' in Trollope's Last Chronicle Of Barset.


  • Twenty-four lectures on the Italian language delivered at the Lyceum of Arts, Sciences, and Languages; ... By Mr. Galignani. London: printed for the author, and sold by Messrs. B. and J. White; Mr. Edwards; Messrs. Hookham and Carpenter; Mr. Emsley; Mr. Longman; Mr. Cawthorne; Mr. Heptinstall; and by the author, 1796.
  • Twenty-four lectures on the Italian language by Mr. Galignani. In this second edition, the work is enlarged one third, by numberless additions and improvements by the editor, Antonio Montucci. Edinburgh: printed by C. Stewart, ... for T. Boosey, ... London., 1806.
  • Italian extracts, being an extensive selection from the best classic & modern Italian authors preceded by a copious vocabulary with familiar phrases and dialogues by the editor, Antonio Montucci (2nd. ed.). London: Boosey, 1818
  • Traveller's guide through Italy. Paris: 1819.
  • Traveller's guide through France. Paris: 1819.


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