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Giraglia Lighthouse
Cape Corse
Giraglia Lighthouse
Giraglia LighthouseCape Corse is located in Corsica
Giraglia LighthouseCape Corse
Giraglia Lighthouse
Cape Corse
Location Giraglia Island, Corse
Coordinates 43°01′36″N 9°24′20″E / 43.026804°N 9.405606°E / 43.026804; 9.405606
Year first constructed 1848
Construction stone tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern centered on a keeper’s house
Markings / pattern white tower, black balcony and lantern
Height 25.80 metres (84.6 ft)
Focal height 85.20 metres (279.5 ft)
Range 26 nautical miles (48 km; 30 mi)
Characteristic Fl W 5s.
Admiralty number E0852
NGA number 8100
ARLHS number E0852[1]

Giraglia is a French island at the northern tip of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its powerful lighthouse[2] and for the Torra di Giraglia, a Genoese tower,[3] both of which are official historical monuments of France.[4][5]

The island is part of the commune of Ersa, but there are no settlements on the island. The closest settlements are Tollare, Ersa commune, and Barcaggio, Rogliano commune, on the main island of Corsica.[2][3]

Giraglia seen from Barcaggio's beach
Lighthouse on Giraglia, circa 1900

The Lighthouse[edit]

The Giraglia Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on Giraglia Island, about one mile off Barcaggio on the northernmost tip of Cape Corse. The lighthouse was first constructed in 1573 by the Genovese and has been rebuilt several times since.[4] The current lighthouse was approved in 1838 based on a proposal by Léonce Reynaud and was inaugurated on January 1, 1848. It consists of a cylindrical tower 25.80 metres (84.6 ft) high, with balcony and lantern, rising from the centre of the keeper’s house. Initially the light was a flash every 30 seconds, but since 1904 it is a white flash every 5 seconds. The lighthouse is fully automated and controlled by the Marine nationale in Bastia.

Torra di Giraglia[edit]

Construction of this tower began in April 1584. It was one of a series of coastal defences constructed by the Republic of Genoa between 1530 and 1620 to protect against attacks by Barbary pirates.

Giraglia Rolex Cup[edit]

The Giraglia Rolex Cup, an annual keelboat regatta, was named for the island. The race starts in St. Tropez, France, passes through the Îles d'Hyères off the French coast near Toulon, then around Giraglia, and finishes off in Genoa, Italy, a total distance of 243 nautical miles (450 km; 280 mi).[6]

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Coordinates: 43°01′31″N 9°24′24″E / 43.02528°N 9.40667°E / 43.02528; 9.40667