Girls' Love Stories

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Girls' Love Stories
Cover to issue #1 of Girls' Love Stories, August–September 1949.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Bi-monthly (#1-47, #175-180)
8 times a year (#48-161)
Monthly (#162-174)
Format Onging
Publication date August–September 1949 — November–December 1973
No. of issues 180
Creative team
Written by Zena Brody, Bob Kanigher, Lee Goldsmith, Barbara Friedlander, George Kashdan, Jack Miller, Phyllis Reed, Morris Waldinger
Artist(s) Bill Draut, Bob Oksner, Jay Scott Pike, John Romita, Sr.
Penciller(s) Tony Abruzzo, Gil Kane, Art Peddy, Joe Rosen, John Rosenberger, Mike Sekowsky, Morris Waldinger
Inker(s) Vince Colletta, Frank Giacoia, Mike Peppe, Bernard Sachs
Editor(s) Zena Brody, Phyllis Reed, Bob Kanigher

Girls' Love Stories was an American romance comic book magazine published by DC Comics in the United States. Started in 1949 as DC's first romance title, it ran for 180 issues, ending with the Nov-Dec 1973 issue. The stories covered such topics as girls worrying about getting a man, or marrying out of pressure, not love. Some of the early covers were photographs. The book's initial tagline was "True to Life!"

Writers for the title included Bob Kanigher and George Kashdan. Notable artists for Girls' Love Stories included Tony Abruzzo, Vince Colletta, Bill Draut, Frank Giacoia, Gil Kane, Bob Oksner, Art Peddy, Jay Scott Pike, John Romita Sr., Joe Rosen, John Rosenberger, Bernard Sachs, and Mike Sekowsky.