Girls in Their Married Bliss

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Girls in Their Married Bliss is the third and final novel in Edna O'Brien's "Country Girls Trilogy" following,The Country Girls and Girl with Green Eyes.[1] The novel was first published in Britain in 1964.[1] The novel was less well received, because of its darker themes and writing, and wasn't published in the United States until 1967.[2]


Generally, the novel was not as well received in either the United Kingdom or the United States.[2] The New York Times reviewer Mellicent Bell described the novel as a "less rollicking [...] third stage of [Baba and Kate's] adventures", which focus too much on a more "grim" fate for the two characters, than readers might like.[1] Bell highlights how the novel continues patterns and themes from the earlier novels, focusing on sexual exploration and how religiosity effects the two women.[1]

Kirkus Reviews was similarly mixed about its conclusions, writing "A mixed pleasure, this is at times a lovely, larky book and in others, there are sad spot touches closing with the rueful envoi."[3]


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