Gisr el-Mudir

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Gisr el-Mudir (Great Enclosure, red) on the map of Saqqara

Gisr el-Mudir, (Arabic for "enclosure of the boss") located at Saqqara in Egypt, just west of Sekhemkhet's pyramid complex, is a massive enclosure that seems to date from the Second dynasty. The structure was located in the early Twentieth century, but not investigated until the mid-1990s, when it was found to be masonry of roughly hewn limestone blocks in layers, making it the earliest known stone structure in Egypt.

Its builder is unknown, but it may have been built by Khasekhemwy.

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Coordinates: 29°51′59.4″N 31°12′22.68″E / 29.866500°N 31.2063000°E / 29.866500; 31.2063000