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Andrija Artuković, Alojzije Stepinac and Giuseppe Ramiro Marcone.

Giuseppe Ramiro Marcone (1882, S. Pietro-in-fine, Italy – 1952) was a Benedictine Abbott. He was ordained in 1906 and appointed Abbot of Montevergine, Italy in 1918.[1] He served an Apostolic Visitor to Croatia during World War II, in which capacity he worked on behalf of the Holy See for the protection of Croatian Jews.[citation needed]

In 1941, Pope Pius XII dispatched Marcone as Apostolic Visitor to Nazi-aligned Croatia, in order to assist Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac and the Croatian Episcopate in "combating the evil influence of neo-pagan propaganda which could be exercised in the organization of the new state".[2] Marcone served as Nuncio in all but name.[3] He reported to Rome on the deteriorating conditions for Croatian Jews, made representations on behalf of the Jews to Croatian officials, and transported Jewish children to safety in neutral Turkey.[2]

When deportation of Croatian Jews began, Stepinac and Marcone protested to Andrija Artuković.[3] In his study of rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust, Martin Gilbert wrote, "In the Croatian capital of Zagreb, as a result of intervention by [Marcone] on behalf of Jewish partners in mixed marriages, a thousand Croat Jews survived the war.[4]

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