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Giuseppe Maria Doria Pamphili (born 11 November 1751 in Genoa, the capital of the Republic of Genoa and died on 8 February 1816 in Rome) was an Italian Cardinal who served as Cardinal Secretary of State.


Giuseppe Maria Doria Pamphili is part of the illustrious family of the Counts of Melfi and the Doria-Pamphilj family, which includes many cardinals. Giuseppe Pamphilj was the brother of Cardinal Antonio Maria Doria Pamphili and the uncle of Cardinal Giorgio Doria Pamphili.

He was appointed archbishop of Seleucia in February 1773 at the age of 21, while not yet a priest. He was ordained bishop in July and August. In September, he was appointed apostolic nuncio in France, a position he held until 1785.

Pope Pius VI created him cardinal during the Papal Consistory of 14 February 1785. He served as Cardinal Secretary of State of the Holy See from 1796 to 1799.

In 1799 he was arrested by the French and deported to Genoa. Cardinal Doria Pamphili was then appointed by Napoleon in 1813 as an intermediary to negotiate the Concordat of Fontainebleau.

Giuseppe Doria Pamphili participated in the conclave of 1799-1800 during which Pius VII was elected pope.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Ignazio Busca
Cardinal Secretary of State
16 March 1797 – 29 August 1799
Succeeded by
Ercole Consalvi