Giving the Devil His Due

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Giving The Devil His Due
Giving the Devil His Due.jpg
Compilation album by Coal Chamber
Released August 19th, 2003
Recorded August 1994 - 2002
Genre Nu metal, alternative metal, industrial metal, gothic metal
Length 69:40
Label Roadrunner
Producer Josh Abraham, Coal Chamber

Giving the Devil His Due is a 2003 compilation album of remixes and previously unreleased songs by the American nu metal band Coal Chamber. "Blisters" and "Wishes" had been on soundtrack albums prior to this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Headstones and the Walking Dead"
  2. "Big Truck" (Hand-on-Wheel Mix)
  3. "Pig" (Original Version)
  4. "Bradley" (Going Postal Mix)
  5. "Sway" (Hypno-Submissive Mix)
  6. "Not Living" (Original Version)
  7. "Blisters"
  8. "El Cu Cuy" (Man-to-Monster Mix)
  9. "Wishes"
  10. "Apparition"
  11. "Anxiety"
  12. "Save Yourself"
  13. "One Step" (Chop Shop Mix)
  14. "Big Truck" (Live)
  15. "I" (Demo)
  16. "Oddity" (Demo)
  17. "Sway" (Demo)
  18. "Unspoiled" (Demo)
  19. "Loco" (Demo)
  20. "Babbit" (Demo)


  • Dez Fafara - lead vocals
  • Meegs Rascon - guitar
  • Rayna Foss Rose - bass
  • Mike Cox - drums
  • John Thor - drums (on the demos)