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The Gizeldon River, also Gizel' don (Russian: Гизельдон, Gizeljdon; Ossetian: Джызæлдон, Džyzældon), is a river in North Ossetia–Alania just west of Vladikavkaz. It drains the northern slopes and glaciers of Mount Kazbek north to the Terek River. It flows for 81 kilometres. A valley with many cliffs and a 4000 metre peak,[1] the area is prone to avalanches; 30 were reported in 1967-1968.[2] The terrain is described as having "craggy, gashed terrain", with cattle breeding, lumbering, and lead-zinc mining being the principal economic pursuits of the people of the Gizeldon valley.[3] A hydroelectric plant has been built on the Gizeldon River.[3]


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Coordinates: 43°14′12″N 44°19′26″E / 43.2367°N 44.3239°E / 43.2367; 44.3239