Glenbeg Lough

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Glenbeg Lough
Loch an Ghleanna Bhig (Glenbeg Lough) - - 263779.jpg
Glenbeg Lough location in Ireland
Glenbeg Lough location in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Location County Cork
Coordinates 51°42′52″N 9°52′20″W / 51.71444°N 9.87222°W / 51.71444; -9.87222Coordinates: 51°42′52″N 9°52′20″W / 51.71444°N 9.87222°W / 51.71444; -9.87222
Primary outflows Ownagappul River
Catchment area 7.58 km2 (2.9 sq mi)
Basin countries Ireland
Max. length 2 km (1.2 mi)
Max. width 0.4 km (0.2 mi)
Surface area 0.66 km2 (0.25 sq mi)
Average depth 4 m (13 ft)
Max. depth 13 m (43 ft)
Surface elevation 78 m (256 ft)
References [1][2][3]

Glenbeg Lough is a freshwater lake in the southwest of Ireland. It is located on the Beara Peninsula in County Cork.


Glenbeg Lough measures about 2 km (1.2 mi) long and 0.5 km (0.3 mi) wide. It lies about 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Kenmare, near the village of Ardgroom.[1]


Glenbeg Lough drains into the Ownagappul River, which in turn enters Kenmare Bay at Cappul. The lake is oligotrophic.[4]

Natural history[edit]

Fish species in Glenbeg Lough include brown trout, salmon and the critically endangered European eel.[3] The lake is part of the Glanmore Bog Special Area of Conservation.[4]

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