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Glider may refer to:

Aircraft and transport[edit]


  • Glider (aircraft), heavier-than-air aircraft primarily intended for unpowered flight
    • Glider (sailplane), a rigid-winged glider aircraft with an undercarriage, used in the sport of gliding
    • Military glider, used to transport combat troops and equipment to a combat zone
    • Motor glider, a glider with a power source to generate thrust
    • Hang glider, foot-launched, framed fabric wing, usually used for recreation
    • Paraglider, foot-launched, unframed fabric wing, usually used for recreation
    • Rocket glider, a rocket propelled aircraft that routinely lands as a glider
    • Walkalong glider, a model glider with updraft generated by a person walking behind
    • Paper glider, a model or toy glider made out of paper
  • Gimli Glider, an Air Canada 767 which glided to a successful landing after running out of fuel in 1983

Other transport[edit]


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