HD 32450

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HD 32450
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Lepus
Right ascension 05h 02m 28.4215s[1]
Declination −21° 15′ 23.921″[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 8.36
Spectral type M0 V[2]
Radial velocity (Rv) −15.2[3] km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: −141.56[1] mas/yr
Dec.: −221.75[1] mas/yr
Parallax (π) 117.38 ± 1.81[1] mas
Distance 27.8 ± 0.4 ly
(8.5 ± 0.1 pc)
Other designations
Gliese 185, HIP 23455, LTT 2151.[2][4]

HD 32450 (also known as Gliese 185) is a red dwarf star in the constellation Lepus. It is located about 28 light years from the Solar System. This star will make its closest approach to the Sun in roughly 350,000 years, when it comes within 14.8 ly (4.5 pc).[5]

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