Klong khaek

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Klong khaek
Klong khaek.jpg
A pair of klong khaek
Classification Percussion (Membranophone)

Klong khaek (Thai: กลองแขก, pronounced [klɔːŋ kʰɛ̀ːk]) is a type of double-headed barrel drum used in Thai music.

The instrument's name comes from klong (meaning "drum") and khaek (meaning "Indian" or "Malay"). There are two types of klong khaek: klong khaek tua phu (which is considered to be male) (Thai: กลองแขกตัวผู้) and klong khaek tua mia (female) (Thai: กลองแขกตัวเมีย). They are always played in a pair, usually by two players, although if two players are not available a single player may play both drums. The two drums fit their beats together in hocket, or interlocking form.

Both drumheads are played with the hands, like the klong songna. The klong khaek tua phu has a higher pitch and the klong khaek tua mia has a lower pitch.

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