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Saw sam sai
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The saw sam sai (Thai: ซอสามสาย, pronounced [sɔː sǎːm sǎːj], rtgsso sam sai, also spelled saw samsai, and occasionally called simply sam sai; literally "three stringed fiddle") is a traditional bowed string instrument of Thailand. Its body is made from a special type of coconut covered on one end with animal skin, and it has three silk strings. Typically, the player glues a jewel onto the skin before playing, to reduce the skin's

The saw sam sai is in the saw family of Thai fiddles, which also includes the saw u and saw duang.

It is the hardest to play among the 4 types of Thai Saw: saw u, saw duang, and salo. This is because the bow is not attached, and one must "break" their wrist back and forth to change strings- not tilting the bow. Because of this, it is frequently used as a prop in pictures to show knowledge or a high social status.

It is related to a very similar Cambodian instrument called tro Khmer.

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