Glorious Ruins

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Glorious Ruins
Hillsong-Glorious Ruins.jpg
Live album by
Released2 July 2013
Recorded27 and 28 October 2012 (Sydney, Australia)
17 February 2013 (London, England)
VenueHillsong Convention Centre (Sydney, Australia), London Dominion Theatre (London, England)
GenreContemporary worship
LabelHillsong, Capitol, Sparrow
ProducerReuben Morgan
Joel Houston
Hillsong Music Australia
Live praise & worship chronology
Glorious Ruins
No Other Name

Glorious Ruins is the twenty-second album in the live praise and worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church. It was recorded live in London, England, and Sydney, Australia by the Hillsong worship team from around the world including Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, UNITED band, and international teams from London, Stockholm, and Cape Town. The album includes 12 songs including "Man of Sorrows", "Glorious Ruins", "Christ Is Enough", "Anchor", and "You Crown the Year". It was released on 28 June 2013 in Australia and New Zealand and on 2 July 2013 internationally.[1][2] The album reached No. 3 on the ARIA Albums Chart.[3]


On 27 and 28 October 2012, Hillsong Live recorded the first part at the Hillsong Convention Centre in Sydney with a worship night called "This Is for Everyone".[citation needed] The second part of the album was recorded by Hillsong London at London's Dominion Theatre on 17 February 2013. "Man of Sorrows", the first single from the album, was released as a free download just before Easter.[4]

Hillsong Live announced the new album by releasing its cover artwork 3 April 2013.[5] A trailer for the album and the live video for "Man of Sorrows" was released on 4 June 2013.[citation needed] The album was officially released on 2 July 2013.[citation needed]

Vision and inspiration[edit]

"Let the ruins come to life | In the beauty of Your Name | Rising up from the ashes | God forever You reign"

This chorus of the title track, Glorious Ruins, was an underlying theme through the life of Hillsong Church in the lead up to the Hillsong Live praise & worship album recording, Glorious Ruins. It’s a vivid image which captures the imagination and stirs the soul. Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church explains, “Ruins can speak of crushing defeat or perhaps of something abandoned, but the good news today is that the ruins come to life. …Through Jesus Christ what we look at is ruins that become glorious..." Whether it be through times of personal devotion or in your church, we pray that the lyrics contained in this album stir your faith & love in Jesus Christ.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Standard Edition
No.TitleWriter(s)Worship leaderLength
1."Always Will"Jay Cook, Jarred Rogers, Jamie SnellJay Cook3:58
2."You Never Fail"Brandon Carter, Chris Davenport, Joel HoustonJoel Houston5:11
3."Christ Is Enough"Reuben Morgan, Jonas MyrinReuben Morgan5:20
4."Where the Spirit of the Lord Is"Ben FieldingBen Fielding5:25
5."Glorious Ruins"Matt Crocker, HoustonJoel Houston8:53
6."Closer"Joel Davies, Jason Ingram, Braden Lang, MorganDavid Ware4:25
7."God Who Saves"Sam KnockJonathon Douglass4:27
8."To Be Like You"Crocker, Brooke FraserMatt Crocker6:12
9."Man of Sorrows"Crocker, FraserJad Gillies, Annie Garratt5:20
10."We Glorify Your Name"Ed Cash, Ingram, Matt Maher, Morgan, Chris TomlinReuben Morgan, Juliet Adekambi5:50
11."You Crown the Year (Psalm 65:11)"Fraser, MorganLaura Toggs, Reuben Morgan5:24
12."Anchor"Fielding, Dean UssherBen Fielding6:30
Total length:66:05


Worship leaders
  • Nina Mityuk
  • Juliet Adekambi
  • Tyler Braland
  • Jay Cook
  • Sam Evans
  • Joth Huth
  • Matt Crocker
  • Jonathan 'JD' Douglass
  • Ben Fielding
  • Annie Garratt
  • Cassey Zschech
  • Jad Gillies
  • Joel Houston
  • Eric Liljero
  • Reuben Morgan
  • Laura Toganivalu
  • David Ware
  • Kevin Curiel
  • Dan Barrett
  • Ashley John Baptiste
  • Jill Marie Cooper
  • Jenny Deacon
  • Katie Dodson
  • Hannah Hobbs
  • Jorim Kelly
  • Ingrid Kennedy
  • Brad Kohring
  • Ana Loback
  • Collena Masuku
  • Nait Masuku
  • Sheila Mpofu
  • Alexander Pappas
  • Dean Ussher
  • Esther Volstad
  • Kevin Curiel
  • Marcus Temu
Music directors
  • Chris Davenport
  • Gio Galanti
  • Autumn Hardman
  • Nigel Hendroff
Electric guitars
  • Reuben Morgan
  • Chris Davenport
  • Nigel Hendroff
  • Joel Hingston
  • David Kennedy
  • Timon Klein
  • Dave Marinelli
  • Isaac Soon
  • Dylan Thomas
Acoustic guitars
  • Tyler Braland
  • Matt Crocker
  • Ben Fielding
  • Jad Gillies
  • Joel Houston
  • Kevin Curiel
  • Herny Seely
  • Brian 'BJ' Phodham
  • David Andrew
  • Moses Byun
  • Adam Dodson
  • Gio Galanti
  • Dave George
  • Autumn Hardman
  • Peter James
  • Matt Hann
  • Thiago Pereira
  • Ryan Taubert
  • Ben Tennikoff
  • Ike Graham
  • Matt Hann
  • Ntando 'Bob' Mpofu
  • Jihea Oh
  • Daniel McMurray
  • Harrison Wood
  • Simon Kobler
  • Brendan Tan
  • Bede Benjamin-Korporaal
  • Hristo Dushev
  • JP Starra
  • Marc Warry
  • Hillsong
French Horn
  • Elizabeth Gorringe
  • Hillsong
  • Evie Gallardo
  • Hillsong
  • Michaeli Witney
  • Hillsong



  • Nigel Hendroff: TMG.
  • Timon Klein: Fender.
  • Isaac Soon: Fender.
  • Reuben Morgan: Martin.
  • Joel Houston: Martin & Taylor.
  • Matt Crocker: Martin.
  • Ben Fielding: Rickenbacker, Collings.
  • Dylan Thomas: Fender.
  • Jad Gillies: Gretsch.
  • David Kennedy: Fender
  • Joel Hingston: Fender.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Louder Than The Music4.5/5 stars[8]

Before its release, the album received positive reviews from Louder Than the Music's Jono Davies, who wrote, "there aren't many Christian bands that make the world stop and listen when they release a new album, but Hillsong are one of them." And describes the album's sound as "is this album much of the same classic Hillsong sound, or a new fresh style of worship? Well, a bit of both to be honest, but more on that later." And ends saying "How do you sum up an album like this? I don't know if words are enough. People will love this album simply because it's another classic from Hillsong, who seem to be getting better and better with each release. The band have been more creative in the last few years, which must be commended. I actually think the songs on this album are stronger than previous albums. If some albums in the past worked well as a package, this album has much stronger songs that can stand on their own in times of worship."[8] The album received three four-and-a-half-star-out-of-five ratings.



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