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Gnaeus Acerronius Proculus was a consul of the Roman Empire in 37 AD, the year in which Tiberius died.[1][2] He was perhaps a descendant of the Cn. Acerronius whom Cicero mentions in his oration for Tullius, Pro Tullio, from 71 BC, as a vir optimus. He may have been the father of Acerronia Polla, a friend of Agrippina the Younger, murdered by the emperor Nero in AD 59.[3][4]

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Preceded by
Sextus Papinius Allenius and Quintus Plautius
Consul of the Roman Republic
consul with Gaius Petronius Pontius Nigrinus; with C. Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Aulus Caecina Paetus, Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus, and Gaius Caninius Rebilus suffects
37 AD
Succeeded by
Marcus Aquila Iulianus and Publius Nonius Asprenas