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This article is about the Raspberries song. For the Isley Brothers song, see Go All the Way (The Isley Brothers album).
"Go All the Way"
Single by Raspberries
from the album Raspberries
B-side "With You in My Life"
Released July 1972
Genre Power pop[1]
Length 3:10
Label Capitol
Writer(s) Eric Carmen
Producer(s) Jimmy Ienner
Certification Gold (U.S.)
Raspberries singles chronology
"Don't Want to Say Goodbye"
"Go All the Way"
"I Wanna Be With You"

"Go All the Way" is a single by Raspberries, released in July 1972 written by band leader Eric Carmen. The song reached the Top 5 on three principal U.S. charts, #5 on the Billboard Hot 100,[2] #4 on Cashbox[3] and #3 on Record World. The tune sold more than 1.3 million copies and earned the band their first Gold Record Award. It was their second single release, their all-time biggest U.S. hit, and appeared on their debut LP, Raspberries.

Because of its sexually suggestive lyrics, considered risqué for the day, the song was banned by the BBC.[4][5]

The tune ranked at #33 on Billboard's Top 100 Singles of 1972 year-end list (#39 on Cashbox's year-end best-sellers countdown). In 1989, Spin magazine named "Go All the Way" in its list of the "100 Greatest Singles of All Time", ranking it at #91.[6] "Go All the Way" appeared in Blender magazine's July 2006 issue as one of its "Greatest Songs Ever".

"Go All the Way" has been featured in three movies. Director Cameron Crowe, a Raspberries fan, used the song in his 2000 film Almost Famous. Matthew Sweet and Bangles member Susanna Hoffs included a faithful rendition of the song in their 2009 collaboration Under the Covers, Vol. 2. The Killers recorded a cover of the song for the 2012 film Dark Shadows, an adaptation of the 1966–1971 TV series Dark Shadows.[7][8] The song briefly appears in the 2014 Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy.

In interviews with hard rock/metal personality Eddie Trunk, he states that this song, largely due to its distorted guitar riffs, was the song that first got him into rock music.[9][10]

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