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Go Jibiki (Japanese: 地曵豪, Hepburn: Jibiki Gō) born May 7, 1976, in Tokyo is a Japanese actor.

He was born in Tokyo, Japan. Because of his father's business, he spent his early life in Singapore (1983–86) and the New York (1986–89). This is the reason why he speaks English fluently.

After coming back to Japan, he started to learn acting. He joined the theatrical company "Wakakusa" at the age of 14. (He left the company at the age of 16).

His first screen role was "April Story (Shigatsu monogatari)" directed by Japanese movie director Shunji Iwai in 1998. After graduation from the Gakushuin university,he again decided to learn acting. He entered acting school "En",and graduated the school in 2001.

In 2007 he met Japanese movie director, Koji Wakamatsu. He done 5movies with Koji Wakamatsu, including "United Red Army". In this movie,he played Tsuneo Mori,the leader of United Red Army. And the movie won C.I.C.A.E Prizes (the International Confederation of Art House Cinemas) and NETPAC Prize (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) in the 58th Berlin International Film Festival.

His special abilities are Iaijutsu and Systema. Iaijutsu is a Japanese ancient martial art,also known as combative quick-draw sword technique. He has been training Iaijutsu from master Tetsuzan Kuroda for about 14 years.


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