God morgon (Chips song)

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"God morgon"
Single by Chips
A-side "God morgon"
B-side "More than a Minute"
Released 1981
Format grammophone record
Genre schlager
Length 3:01
Label Mariann
Songwriter(s) Lasse Holm, Torgny Söderberg
Chips singles chronology
"Mycke' mycke' mer" / "String Module Error: Match not found"
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"God morgon"
"Dag efter dag" / "String Module Error: Match not found"
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"Mycke' mycke' mer"/"Can't Get over You" (1980) "God morgon" (1981) "Dag efter dag"/"Här kommer Solen" (1982)

"God morgon" is a pop song in Swedish, performed by the pop and country group Chips, just then named "Sweets 'n Chips", at the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1981, where it finished 2nd. Its lyrics are about morning. "God morgon" was written by Lasse Holm and Torgny Söderberg. With this song, Elisabeth Andreasson and Britta "Tanja" Johansson made their Melodifestivalen debuts. In 1981, "God morgon" was also released as a single. On April 5, 1981 the song entered the 1st place at the Swedish hitlist Svensktoppen.[1] The song was also recorded with lyrics in English, as "Good Morning".

During the 2001-2004 Kikki, Bettan & Lotta shows, the song text was often changed to God afton (Good evening), since most of the shows took place in the evenings.

In May-June 2017, a recording by Ida Redig could be heard in Kungsängen bed commercials.[2]

At Så mycket bättre 2017, the song was recorded by Tomas Andersson Wij.[3]


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