Godefroid de Claire

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Godefroid de Claire
Born c. 1100
Died c. 1173
Other names Godefroid de Huy, Godefroy de Huy

Godefroid de Claire or Godefroid de Huy (born c. 1100; died c. 1173) was a goldsmith and enamelist.

Life and works[edit]

His main working period was 1130–1150, in the area of Stavelot and the Meuse valley, in what is now Belgium.

He might have learned the art from Rainer of Huy.[1]

His style was Mosan art, specialising in reliquary and iconographic art. His shrine of Pope Alexander I is preserved in the Royal Museums of Art and History.

It was suggested that he was the teacher of Nicholas of Verdun.


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