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First edition
AuthorRobin Cook
CountryUnited States
GenreThriller, Novel
PublisherPutnam (US)
Macmillan (UK)
Publication date
May 1983
Media typePrint (Paperback & Hardback)
Pages285 pp
Preceded byFever 
Followed byMindbend 

Godplayer is a novel by Robin Cook. It was first released in 1983 in the UK and United States. It has 285 pages. Like most of Cook's other work, it is a medical thriller. Working with her husband, a respected cardiac surgeon, at Boston Memorial is a dream come true for Dr. Cassandra Kingsley—until a series of mysterious deaths rocks the hospital and Cassandra's most frightening suspicions are realized. Amidst a hospital power struggle that pits resident doctors against private practitioners, eighteen cardiac surgery patients mysteriously die. Doctors Cassandra Kingsley and Robert Seibert investigate the deaths, making disturbing discoveries, such as a drug-taking, knife-happy surgeon and lethal IVs.