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Golbai Sasan village, 1959 (bottom Left)
Golabai Sasan prehistoric mound settlement

Golabai Sasan is a village in Khurda District, Odisha, India at 20°1′21″N 85°33′0″E / 20.02250°N 85.55000°E / 20.02250; 85.55000.

It is known for its medieval temple architecture. This settlement site is located on the north bank of the Malaguni River, North of Chilika lake. Trial excavations in 1991, showed a succession of Chalcolithic and Iron Age assemblages, presumably dating to the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE. Sinha described the pottery and wares being of dull red and grey colors. Lithic Analysis determines them to be similar to those that were found in East Asia and South-East Asia. This site and Sankarjang are the main sites in Odisha which represent this time. [1] [2]


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